Best Online Course Platforms 2021. Are you in search of the best teaching platform to create an online course? Selecting the best online course platform can be a bit stressful mostly this year (2021) because of the happenings around the world. Due to the happenings now, eLearning is very useful for individuals and that’s why using the course platform is a big deal.

Best Online Course Platforms 2021

But knowing which one is the best to use is a bit hard for some of us to decide and that’s why I’ve provided this article to help you decide which is best for you. For a fact, there are plenty of online course platforms you can use, but we all want what’s best and that’s why we need to read on. Reading on this Best Online Course Platforms 2021 article might actually provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for.


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Best Online Course Platforms 2021

When talking about the best, it means the very best you can actually afford to use. In life, if you want the best, you need to go for the best and give your best. Before we can decide the best online course platforms to use in 2021, let’s understand what they mean. Online course platforms are learning management systems that offer their users digital class access.

They are actually similar to the way we take our offline classes with an instructor. But the difference is that it is done online through videos, text, images, and or PDF files. Those that are taking the classes are to follow the software, perform exercises that could include texts and other assessments, take notes, and also perform exams. By so doing, their understanding of what they have been taught online will be tested. They get graded according to their performance.

These days, individuals prefer taking online classes rather than going to a physical classroom with a teacher and other students to learn. The online platforms for courses give you the knowledge of whatever it is you which to learn. Taking classes online is simple and but choosing the best is when the issue comes in, but you need not worry about it anymore because I will be providing you with the best online course platforms. So now, without wasting much time, let’s dive into them.

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List of Best Online Course Platforms in 2021 – Best Online Course Platforms 2021

Below is the list of online course platforms to use in 2021;

  • Teachable
  • Podia
  • Thinkific


This is an online course platform that allows its users to generate, manage, and also sell courses online easily. Teachable is simple for online course development and launch process by allowing its users to upload content without worries. In order words, you can upload your content without worries about aspects relating to technology and also design features. It enables you to put together the course because the contents are readily accessible. Some of the features of Teachable includes the following;

  • It is easy to use for building courses online.
  • Features a powerful course sale.
  • You can actually create your blog within the admin portal.

There are more features or reasons to use the Teachable online course platform, the above are just a few to check out.


Podia is a full-featured platform for online courses. It allows you to sell your courses online easily. It offers memberships and some quite interesting and useful products. Podia is simply effortless to use the platform because of its awesome drag and drop builder. There are also some customizable options you could choose from. Of course, just any other online course platform, this one has some outstanding features that you won’t wish to miss out on. They include;

  • Podia offers email marketing for users.
  • Users can create as many courses online as they want.
  • You can create a membership.
  • Bundle up by binding products and selling them.

The above are a few of the features that are offered by Podia.


Now, Thinkific is a cloud-based learning management system and it enables young entrepreneurs to create, and sell their courses online easily. There are custom domains for users and also brandable sites that easily be edited by HTML and also CSS. Your build multimedia courses and also attach PDF files and presentations that can be downloaded. Below are some of the reasons you should check out Thinkific;

  • Users can upload courses (complete) and then organize them to the way they want.
  • It offers white labelling
  • File uploads are enabled.
  • It offers plenty of templates to choose from.

These are just a few because you can still find out more reasons or features on the platform.

Some Other Online Course Platforms to use in 2021 – Best Online Course Platforms 2021

Here are some of the course platforms you can also make use of in 2020;

  • LearnWord
  • Kajabi
  • LearnDash
  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Linkedin Learning.

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