What is the best online shop in the world? I know that you probably would have heard of various online shopping platforms in the world. But the question here is, do you know the best?

Well, it’s no doubt that there are lots of online shopping platforms in the world today and it is almost next to impossible to distinguish one from the other. There has been a debate over the years on the internet as to which platform is the best when it comes to online shopping.

Trust me; having one shopping platform as the best is kind of absurd. It is really hard. I mean, there are the likes of Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Flipkart, Walmart and so much more. Now how does one pick one from the rich list of shopping platforms we have?

Best Online Shop In The World

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Best Online Shop In The World

Believe me, selecting a single platform as the best when it comes to online shopping, is absurd. Like there are various platforms that are best for some unique items. And comparing some of these platforms to other platforms having different niches, one can say it’s not fair. But at the end of the day, we have to crown one as the best among them all.

The Best Online Shopping Platform – Amazon Online Shopping

Normally when you ask some persons about the platform they prefer the most, you will hear different names. Some will say Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, eBay just to mention a few. With various considerations and researches, I have come up with a conclusion on the best online shopping platform in the world.

Personally, I think that Amazon is the best online shopping platform in the world right now and I think that a lot of people would agree with me on this one. Well if you don’t agree with me about amazon being the best online shopping platform in the world right now, I will be giving some reasons and hopefully, you will see reason with me.

Why Amazon Is The Best Online Shopping Platform In The World

There are lots of reasons why the amazon platform is deemed the best shopping platform in the world right now and I will be sharing some of the reasons with you. First on my list of reasons is the popularity of the platform.

Before I chose amazon as the best online shopping platform I compared various other platforms on popularity and amazon came on top. This platform is the most popular shopping platform in the US with over 150 million mobile app users. That is a whole lot.

Another reason why Amazon is the best online shopping store right now is that it is a trusted platform among customers. Over 80% of buyers in the US agreed to prefer buying products from amazon than any other platform. This is a very huge factor in selecting the best online shopping platform.

98% of people who purchase on the amazon platform regularly also agree to prefer buying on the platform to its competitors. This means that when you buy on this platform, you are more likely to revisit the platform or more purchases.

Prime Membership – Amazon Prime Account

Amazon paid or subscription service, amazon prime continues to grow every time. Normally, paid services are something that drives customers away, but with the amazon prime feature, this is not the case. In June 2018 alone, the number of amazon prime members was an estimated 103 million all over the world.

Though it’s a paid feature on the platform, 20% of its members have agreed that they shopped on the platform a few times a week. A whopping 70% showed they shop on the platform daily.

Product Availability On Amazon

As of April 2019, the amazon platform has 119, 928, 851 products in total. There are over 40 million products in books on the Amazon platform. And this is the largest category on the platform.

This category is followed by electronics and then home and kitchen in third place. One of the reasons why people love this platform is that whatever it is that you can find on other platforms, you are sure to find it on this platform. The Amazon platform has various items, from electronics to gadgets and fashion, this platform has got it all.


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