Online shopping is everywhere in the world, not only in Nigeria. But I will be listing the Best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria. In the international scene of online shopping, you will hear sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, and many others. These online shipping stores or sites make it easier for you to make purchases without leaving the comfort of your home.

Best Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria

All that is required is a browsing device and connection. And of course, you debit card, though these sites offer to pay on delivery means. The ones I will be mentioned in this post are possibly not all that you use, but when it comes to best, they are. So let’s dive in;


Best Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria

There are plenty of e-commerce shopping sites in Nigeria to use, but here’s a list of the best;


Of Course, Jumia will take the top spot, because it is great. It is one of the most popular sites to make use of Nigeria. The site was established in May 2012. Most people describe it as the Nigerian Amazon. Jumia is one of the very first stores to get the attention of Nigerians when it comes to shopping online.

On the store or site, you can get almost anything you want, from electronics to cosmetics, clothing to accessories, actually the list is endless. Special discounts and promotions are offered on the platform from time to time. While shopping on the site, you decide to use the Pay on Delivery method.


The list won’t be complete without mentioning Konga. In Konga, there are plenty of independent retailers under them. The site advises individuals who have items for sale, to use the platform for selling them. It delivers with speed and precision, by that you need not worry about accessing your wants and needs.


The slot is actually a Nigerian brand that is known for its specialization in computers, smartphones, and other gadgets. The Slot was selling offline or rather has been functioning offline before it was brought online. It is the most popular and biggest place for phones, computers, and gadget retailers in Nigeria.


Kara is one of the tops and best online shopping sites to use in Nigeria. And it is visited by thousands of individuals on a daily basis. The site offers a massive collection of products, they have almost everything. From Power supplies to mobile phones, to Clothing, etc. It is not only a marketplace for buying but also allows other business owners to sell their items or products on the platform.


OLX was always advertised on DSTV at the start of its release and it is a very popular and simple to use online shopping platform in Nigeria. The sellers on the platform can design, display, and post ads under specific categories. If you’re in for the best online shopping sites in Nigeria, then this should be a choice for you to try. Not just for buying, but also for selling.


JiJi was founded in 2014 and it is fast growing in the country. It is a free online classified that offers advanced security for users. It is a hassle-free means or place to buy or sell the products you wish to. Compared to most of the sites on this list, JiJi is new, but it is very effective and easy to use.


Ajebomarket was actually founded in 2013 but is one of the most leading online sites for fashion in Nigeria. The online shopping site has a vision of becoming the best and of course, it is the best. You can shop for both adult and children fashion.

Supermart. ng

If you are searching for the best online shopping site for groceries, you should probably try this one. The business of selling groceries online can be tricky and it is also not the safest one to do in Nigeria. But however, Supermart has been able to convince the country that shopping for groceries online is not bad after all.


This is online shopping that makes it easy and with a difference. If you are in for cheaper products or items to buy, then DealDey is just a click away from you. DealDey as the name stands offers great but yet affordable deals in Nigeria for items or products.


PayPorte was launched in the month of September 2014, it has since thrived to ensure it caters to a wide demographic that ranges from the youths and to the young urban professionals. This online e-commerce giant has tagged itself as Nigeria’s preferred online retail store.


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