Best Shipping Methods For Online Stores. Looking for the best shipping methods for your online store? There are lots of shipping methods to choose from, but the main thing is choosing the right method for your business. Thus, the best shipping method for your online store depends on your audience, product, budget, etc.

However, putting quality and effective e-commerce shipping tactics in order is one of the impactful procedures to take in order to promote your business online.

Some online businesses begin their e-commerce offering free shipping or showing unmodified UPS or USPS rates.

Best Shipping Methods For Online Stores

 Best Shipping Methods For Online Stores

Find the top eCommerce shipping solutions below

  • Overnight shipping
  • 2-day shipping
  • Same day delivery
  • International shipping
  • Freight shipping
  • Expedited shipping

 Overnight shipping

Overnight shipping solution guarantees that customers will get their products on the next business day. The prices differ for different carriers.

2-day shipping

2-day shipping is one of the highly requested eCommerce shipping solutions. Though not all stores offer a 2day shipping solution, the solution may only be accessible by eCommerce giants. However, there are other ways one can offer 2day shipping to their customers.

Same day delivery

Same day delivery solution gives you a guarantee that your order will get to you on the same day you purchased the item. Lots of customers out there are willing to pay extra, in order to speed up the delivery process. However, to carry out this solution you need a coordinated operation, courier service, resources, and tech.

International shipping

International e-commerce shipping solution enables you to ship goods to other countries. This solution can be more costly because each country has its own regulations, taxes and tariffs, and requirements for incoming shipments. For your business, it’s very important to find someone that has experience who can help you go through the universal postal union agreement and international shipping and also provide affordable shipping rates.

Freight shipping

Freight shipping is the process of transporting commodities, merchant goods, and cargo in large quantities by air, ship, or road. Here items are loaded on pallets or into larger containers and transported using one or more means of transportation.

Expedited shipping

Expedited shipping is a shipping solution that makes sure goods arrive faster the regular transit times. So to fasten the process, trucks carrying expedited goods rarely stop along the way, it moves from the pickup location direct to the delivery location. However, this kind of method helps to reduce shopping cart abandonment, helps to meet customers’ expectations, and most especially helps to build customer loyalty.

Types Of Shipping Options

Check out the following eCommerce shipping options

  • Free shipping
  • Flat rate/table rate shipping
  • Live rates from a carrier
  • Mixed and alternative methods.

The above options are shipping options for your eCommerce.

How To Ship Products To Customers

To ship products to customers, your customers need to make an online purchase before shipping can take place. As the merchant here is steps to take to deliver products to your customers.

  • Make an online sale.
  • After making a sale, from the sale you determine the product/s to package, the total size, and weight.
  • Then, confirm the shipping destination
  • Choose the shipping carrier and also calculate the shipping cost
  • Finally, you can now send the package out through the right carrier.

Following the steps above, you have done your part, it’s left for the carrier to deliver the package to your customers.


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