So you’ve been wondering about the Best Video Call Apps to Use While Social Distancing? Then you need not worry your mind anymore, I’ve got you covered. Due to the outburst of the COVID 19 Pandemic, citizens even be asked to be engaged in social distancing and isolation. But, that doesn’t mean we need to isolate ourselves completely or feel completed isolated because we can still reach out to our loved ones and friends using our smart devices. There are video calling apps we can use to stay connected in these trying times. You can still create or join group calls and communicate with everyone you love.

Best Video Call Apps to Use While Social Distancing


Best Video Call Apps to Use While Social Distancing

COVID 19 (Coronavirus) has left everyone self-isolating and social distancing from those we interact with. But that shouldn’t stop us from connecting and interacting with our loved ones far and near. It is actually good we keep in touch with loved ones at these trying times to encourage them to hold on and never up. Due to this outburst, things seem to be a bit hard to get. And at this time, the only to keep in touch with loved ones is through video call apps. Whether you want to have a group video call with others or not, there are great apps to use.

Yes, there are plenty of apps to use for calling, but choosing the best video call apps to use while social distancings seems to be a tough task for some of us to do. And that’s why I’ve written this article to provide you with a list of the best apps you can use during this period. So read on to find out more.

Best Video Call Apps To Use

Actually, there are plenty of them to use, but choosing the best is important because they offer great services to make it better and easy to connect with them from afar. Keeping in touch with loved ones at this time is more needed than ever. Which why I have provided this article to help you. With these apps, you can play fun and interesting games with friends and family. Best video call apps for social distancing include;


This is perhaps the most popular and used video calling app option. Skype has been around for quite a long time and has been best for conferencing and keeping in touching others far and near. It is not just a video calling app but also used for chatting and audio calling, so if you don’t feel like involving video calling, you can get engaged in chatting or audio calling. The app can be downloaded on any device type for free. Signing up and using Skype is simple.


Zoom is created mostly for workplace conference calling. Over the years, this video call app has been known with lots of individuals working from home. There are plenty of subscriber options you can actually choose from, but it can be used for free too. Zoom is compatible with any device type.


This is an app currently the most talked-about video call app in the United Kingdom. Houseparty allows its users to make video calls with friends and family, play games, or chat. The option is yours to make. Up to 8 people can be in a video chat or call. Users can leave and join different video calls. If you’ve missed hanging out with or spending time with friends and family, you should try out this app. Because you can actually play lots of interesting games such as Quickdraw, trivia quizzes, etc with them and it will just feel like you’re together. Houseparty is free and compatible with any device type.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger app allows you to connect and communicate with your friends and family using the Facebook platform for free. To use the platform, you need to have the app on your smartphone, also it is compatible with any device type. This means, you can download the app on iOS and Android devices. Messenger offers its users fun filters to keep users entertained.


FaceTime, of course, is a great video calling app to use for those using iOS. If all your loved ones and friends are using an Apple device, then you can easily connect and interact with them using FaceTime. With FaceTime, you can invite more than 15 people for a video chat.


Google Hangouts is another great option you should consider. This app services as an alternative to Skype, it offers you features of video calling, instant messaging, and also group chats with as many people as you want. Anyone with Gmail can use Google Hangouts for free.


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