Best Way to Clean Car Windows is one of the trending questions car owners ask on the internet. Windows are one of the car components that seems difficult to clean without leaving a trace. Imagine after cleaning or washing your car, when it dries you find out it left streaks or traces on the window, you will definitely not feel good.

Best Way to Clean Car Windows

However, if you have had this encounter before, you’re in the right place. With the guide and cleaning method provided here, you will see a difference after cleaning your car windows.

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Best Way to Clean Car Windows

The irregular shape and angle of the window of your car can make cleaning hard. Moreover, some cleaners can do more harm than good, but with the right supplies and a few helpful techniques, your car windows will be bright and clear in no time.

Further, part of proper car care and maintenance is cleaning car windows. They are very much visible, so you will definitely want them to be flawlessly spotless. And to achieve that, it is important to know how to clean car windows without streaks.

How to Clean Car Windows without Spot, Trace, or Streak

Cleaning car windows are not only vital for the aesthetics but also for the service life of your vehicle as a whole.

At a glance, these are the steps that you need to take:

  • Park your car in a good place
  • Brush off any loose dust, dirt, and sand
  • Spray the solution and wipe with a microfiber cloth or towel
  • Spare more time and effort to remove stubborn stains
  • Use a fresh cloth to buff the finish
  • Move on to cleaning the interior windows

Apart from the details of each step, you will get information on what to use to clean car windows.

6 Steps to clean Car Windows and not leave any Streaks

Before going into the six cleaning steps, here are the items you need to perform the window cleaning;

An auto glass cleaner

Get a quality auto glass cleaner. A good cleaner should be equipped with an effective but simultaneously safe formula. It can be fragranced, but it does not have to be. Typically, fragranced solutions have harsh chemicals that you do not want on your windows.

Avoid ammonia-based cleaners, they do more harm than good because they can damage other car parts, including leather, rubber, or vinyl. However, cleaners with ammonia tend to leave more streaks on car windows. On

Two sets of microfiber cloths or towels

Microfiber cloths or towels are the best when it comes to car care and maintenance. They are more absorbent, thus, they make cleaning more effective and easy. Also, they are lint-free, which translates to minimal streaks and debris. Microfiber cloth are soft and will not cause scratches. Some reliable brands that offer these microfiber cloths and towels are Meguiar, Chemical Guys, and KIWEN.

6 Windows Cleaning Steps

To clean-inside-car-windows without streaks, spots or traces follow these steps;

Step 1: Find a good place to park your car

A good place to work should be away from direct sunlight and strong winds. Also, it should be spacious and uncluttered.

Step 2: Brush off any loose dust, dirt, and sand

Before you use the solution, make sure you brush off any dust, dirt, and sand with your cloth. This is to ensure you don’t cause any abrasion or scratches later.

Step 3: Spray the solution and wipe with a microfiber cloth or towel

Get the solution, and then spray it onto the windows and wipe with a cloth or towel. Do not spray too much at once because it may drip down quickly and leave traces if forgotten about. It is best to spray in sections because If you spray all the windows at once and work too slowly, the solution will dry and leave unsightly spots.

Make sure, you apply just enough force to remove all the stubborn stains but not damage the integrity of your vehicle’s windows. Wipe until the surface is free of contaminants and grime.

Step 4: Spend more time and effort on stubborn stains

For more stubborn stains, such as stains from bird droppings and splattered bugs, you will have to apply tighter pressure. You can as well spray the solution directly over it and let it sit for two to three minutes. Which will give it time to break down the stain and make cleaning easier.

While on it, proceed to clean the head of the car and the windshield as well. You can use the back of your hand for increased leverage. Be careful about the rubber seals, if possible, get a toothbrush to reach the nooks and crannies.

Step 5: Use a New/Clean cloth to buff the finish

Please get a new, fresh cloth, and use it to wipe over the solutions, buffing the finish. This will give It maximum shine and clarity.

Step 6: Move on to cleaning the interior windows

After cleaning the exteriors, repeat the steps for the interior. For this, it is feasible to work from the inside of your car.

And when cleaning the interiors spray the solution onto the cloth or towel instead of directly onto the windows. This guarantees that no quick dripping residue can make its way to the fabric and cushioned parts of your car.


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