If you are just in search of the right platform to buy or sell, then you should check out the official Bidorbuy.co.za website. Online buying and selling have taken over the world and billions of people are already on the use of this system. This system has really been of great help to buyers and those who have businesses too.



There are millions of people who currently make use of this platform. All these include buyers and sellers. So, if you’ve got a business you want to promote, it is absolutely possible for you to do this on Bidorbuy.co.za. This amazing platform is also where you get to shop for the right products that you just need.


The Bidorbuy.co.za website is an online marketplace and internet auction platform designed for people to trade with each other. Bidorbuy is the largest South Africa marketplace where people get to buy and sell amazing products. On this platform, there are several different categories of products that you can buy and sell.

This South African online marketplace is just what you need to get your business right in front of people who need your services. And right from the comfort of your couch, you are able to shop for whatever item that you need.

To get hold of their services, you simply have to visit its official website on Bidorbuy.co.za.

Bid or Buy App

Apart from buying and selling on the English e-commerce online marketplace, they have also made things easier. You can engage in whatever trade activity that you want to without having to get on the website. So, how do you get to do this then? All you have to do is download this platform’s mobile app. With just a few clicks on your phone’s screen, you can place an order or a bid.

This app is compatible with smartphones. Right from the app store on your device, you can place orders and bids. Let’s check out the steps to help you get this app into your smartphone.

  • On your smartphone, get on the App store.
  • In the search bar, type in and search for “bidorbuy”.
  • You will find search results on the page.
  • From the list of options, you have to find and select this app. This should be the very first app on the page.
  • Once you open this page, proceed further by clicking on “Install”, “GET”, or any download button on the page.

This will begin the download of the app on your mobile phone. Once the app is on your phone, get on the app, register for an account, and buy or sell.

Buying Items on Bidorbuy

Buying items from this online marketplace is absolutely easy. As long as you’ve got access to the official website or mobile app, you are just good to go. In this part of our article, you will get to find out how to buy items from this platform.

Register for an Account

  • On your web browser, visit this online marketplace on Bidorbuy.co.za
  • At the top-right side of the site, tap on “Register”
  • Next, you have to fill in your details and hit the Create Account.

Search for Find an Item

Now, you have to search for the item you want to purchase. You can do this using the search bar or selecting the category of the item you want.

Go Through the Item Description

Once you find and click on the item, you will find the description and details of that item. Take note of the price, shipping fee and method, color, size, and other necessary details. All these depend on the type of item.

Place Your Order or Bid

Have you gone through all details? Hit on the Bid Now or Buy Now button to place an order or a bid.

Review and Submit your Order or Bid

If you are placing a direct order, you can move further to making your payment. And if you are bidding, you have to wait for a while. If you win the auction, then you can proceed further to making your payment.

You will also get to know the period within which you will receive your orders. That’s how it works!


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