Bigo Diamonds Purchase? Buy authorized diamonds for bigo live. The world at large has taken communication to another level, with social media has provided an avenue for people to watch tv, read news and perform other activities, such as purchasing items online. Bigo Live is one of the social networks that lets you communicate, stream tv and also buy diamonds.

Yes with the big live you will get amazing online chatting and live streaming experience. The platform is ready to entertain and teach you new things live. Here you can even award broadcasters with gifts such as diamonds, Beans etc.

However, to learn how to buy a gift for your fav broadcasters, read this write-up to the end.


 Bigo Diamonds Purchase

Bigo Live is a live streaming app, founded in 2014. The platform comes with an in-app gift, which viewers use to support their favourite broadcasters- diamonds is one of the gifts options. That is to say, bigo Diamonds are one of the gifts options provided by bigo live, which enables viewers to support their favourite broadcasters on the platform.

Moreover, you can actually top up your bigo live diamonds, using your bigo account ID.

 Bigo Diamond Purchase India

According to Wikipedia, in June 2020, the Indian government placed a ban on bigo along with 58 other apps owned by china. The government of India, citing data and privacy problems, also added that it was a big threat to the sovereignty and national security of the country.

 Bigo Diamonds Price Philippines

Top up bigo live diamonds with just a few steps. Key in your bigo live user ID, choose the value of diamonds you want to purchase, finish the payment, and you’ll be added to your account.

You can pay with convenience using globe/TM, GCash etc.

 Bigo Diamond Price In Pakistan

Earlier in July 2020, the Pakistan government banned bigo and warned youtube and TikTok. With the claim that the two platforms could have negative effects on society, especially the youth. In July 2020, The telecommunications authority announced the lifting of the ban.

So people of Pakistan can use bigo live app, buy diamonds within the app and many more. To find out the price for your country (Pakistan) go to their official page.

 Bigo Diamond Price Malaysia

Bigo Live is a popular social media video streaming platform. The app works similarly to TikTok. The app is available in Malaysia. It serves as a platform to learn new things. To earn on the platform, you can earn gift on the platform, purchase gifts and many more.

 How To Buy Diamonds At Bigo Live

To buy diamonds follow the directives below

  • Navigate to your bigo live account
  • Click on the “Diamond” tab from the options
  • On the new page, you will see your current diamond, follow the steps to top it up.
  • You can top of your diamonds, using the following medium debit/credit card, coda pay, MOL points, MOL Online and google wallet.
  • Select any of the above payment methods
  • Choose the package you want to buy
  • Follow the onscreen prompt to make your payment.

These are the procedure to purchase bigo diamonds from bigo live.



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