Bigo Live is a live streaming platform that allows users to share live moments with followers or audiences. The platform was launched in March 2016. It became so popular that it has more than 200 million users as of 2018.

Bigo Live

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Bigo Live

Bigo live ranked the 6th in US and 5th globally, when it comes to streaming apps based on the total in-app purchases revenue. The platform allows you to live-stream your favourite moments, and make friends with people across the globe. Users can show their talent, discover and stay connected in a positive, healthy and creative way.

Bigo Live App

This app lets users share live broadcasts that other Users can also join with just one click. With this app, you can follow thousands of people and channels and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

Thus every user that watches the video can participate actively, that is to say, you can share your opinions through the chat and interact with other users, including the person who is broadcasting. However, you can also save your favourite channels and don’t ever miss an interesting video, with Bigo live app.

Below are what you can do with the app

  • Go Live. If you can sing, dance or you have any talent; this is the best opportunity for you to show the world what you can do.
  • Watch live-streams. Gain access to millions of talented people online.
  • You can video call and also live video chat with Bigo live app
  • It offers a video chat room. you interact with people close by or from across the world

These are some of the features the application offers.

Bigo on the App Store

 The guide below is the steps to download the Bigo app on the app store

  • Get your iOS device, navigate to the app store.
  • On the app store homepage, go to the search tool and key in “Bigo live”
  • Click the enter button to find the app
  • A result page will open, from the page, locate the Bigo app and click on it
  • Tap on the “get” tab to begin downloading. Thus you can Scroll down the page to see the app features.
  • It will start to download, kindly exercise a little patience.
  • After installing the app, to launch it click on the “open” button.

This is the complete guide to download Bigo Live app on the app store for your iOS device.

Bigo on the Play store

If you’re using an Android phone to download the Bigo app, kindly follow the steps under

  • Get your device and launch the Play store
  • On the Play Store go to the browser at the top and search for the app
  • The result page will show, simply click on the app
  • Then click the install button next to the app to download the app.
  • After installation, to access the app, click the open button.

With the above download step, you’ll be able to download Bigo app on your Android device.

Bigo Live stream

 Bigo Live stream lets you watch live videos of thousands of talented dancers, foodies, broadcasters, singers, comedians and lots more. With Bigo live stream, you can gain access to your favourite moment any time you want.

Stream your favourite live videos, if you know you have talent, you can go online, and you’ll be amazed at the number of people that will stream your video.

To stream Bigo Live, you must register for an account. Then log in to your account. On your account to stream videos to everyone, tap on the video capture icon at the bottom of the screen. Proceed to customize how you want your video to appear and then click on Go live button.

Bigo Registration

 You can register for Bigo live from Bigo live official website or via Bigo live app. Take the following steps appropriately to register for Bigo Live.

  • Navigate to Bigo live official page at
  • Click on the login button at the right top of the home screen.
  • Scroll to the left downside of the new page and click on the “sign up button” button
  • Click on the first box to enter your country/ region
  • Type in your mobile number and click on send.
  • Drag the slider to the right to enable sending verification code.
  • When you receive your verification code, enter it in the empty box beneath.
  • Then click on the “next(1/2)” button beneath to move to the next step.

 Bigo Sign In

 To sign in to your Bigo live account, the procedure below will take you through

  • Visit Bigo live website at or Open Bigo live app, locate the sign-in section and follow the sign-in directives.
  • On Bigo live website click on the login button
  • Scan the code to log in to your account. Alternatively, you can log in using any of these accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Google. To sign with your Facebook, Google, Twitter or. Account scroll below the login page and click on the social network you want to use to sign in, and then follow the on-screen guide.

These are the steps on how to sign in to your Bigo live account. With the procedure outlined above, you’ll be able to sign in to your account any time any day.

How do BIGO Live make money?

BIGO Live is a live streaming platform where users can create and stream their own content to an audience. There are various ways in which BIGO Live makes money:

1. Virtual Gifting – Users can purchase virtual items such as stickers, diamonds, and beans to give to their favorite streamers during live streams. The streamers receive a portion of the revenue earned from the virtual gifts.

2. Advertising – BIGO Live displays ads to its users during live streams and on its platform. The revenue earned from advertising is used to support the operations of the platform.

3. Premium Features – BIGO Live offers premium features to its users for a fee. Users can purchase premium features such as early access to new features, ad-free streaming, and other benefits.

4. Partnership Programs – BIGO Live has partnership programs where content creators can earn revenue for sponsored content, advertising campaigns, and other collaborations.

It is important to note that the amount of money a user can earn on BIGO Live varies based on the level of engagement, the number of fans, and the quality of the content they create.


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