Bigo Talented? Bigo Live is a live-streaming entertainment platform. Currently, the platform is not just used by host agencies and begores worldwide, but also a platform that gives people the opportunity to partake in events and online campaigns and can offer giveaways. Bigo is one of the top live-streaming platforms and has made many people famous and rich.

Bigo Talented - Bigo Live Online | Bigo Live Download

As of 2022 February, the platform had its valentine’s week and giveaways were given to winners. However, bigo live conducts Holi content for members, misses bigo content, and many more.

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However, the platform also has lots of celebrities like Miss India 2013, Actress Shraavya Reddy and many more. These celebrities can interact with their followers, giving them tips on how to enter the entertainment industry, which is a great platform to display one’s talent.

Bigo Talented

Bigo began with actors, dancers, singers, and lip-sync artists, but seeing the amazing talent pool of India it tries to twin it with its Brand’s belief in others to diversify content. That is by including varied content categories like Professional user-generated content creators, tutors teaching English, and also impacting soft skill training. These are an avenue to discover talents.

Bigo Live Online

Bigo Live is an interesting free streaming platform where users share live moments with followers online. This online platform gives room for people to show their talents, discover, and stay connected positively and creatively. To access the platform using the bigo live website visit

Bigo App

The bigo app has the following amazing features.

  • Go live. You can go live to showcase all your talents.
  • You can gain access to millions of talented broadcasters, singers, comedies, dancers, and more.
  • Very much free to use.
  • You can set up a group video chat with up to 9 people.
  • Make a live voice chat room on the platform.
  • Enjoy live game streaming with bigo live.

These are features you will enjoy with this live-streaming service.

Bigo Live Download

The steps beneath are key directions on how to download the Bigo live app from the app store.

  • On your iPhone, visit the app store.
  • On the app store page, move to the search engine and fill in “bigo live”.
  • Tap on the entry widget to find the app.
  • Find the Bigo app and hit on it.
  • Hit on the “Get” button to begin downloading. Thus, you can Scroll down the page to see the app features.
  • After installing the app, to launch it hit on the “open” button.

For Android Phone

  • Go to the google play store.
  • Find the app, using the search box.
  • Then tap on the Install widget.

These are steps to download and install the application.

Bigo Live Sign Up

To sign up for an account via the bigo website, follow these steps appropriately.

  • Progress to Bigo live official page at bigo. tv.
  • Click on the login tab at the right top of the home screen.
  • Navigate to the left downside of the new page and press on the “sign up” widget.
  • Enter your country/region.
  • Key your phone number.
  • Fill in your verification code.
  • Press on the “Next” tab, then follow the onscreen directives.

With the above guideline, you will successfully register for the account.

Bigo Live Login

To log in or access your Bigo live account, follow these few steps.

  • Proceed to or launch Bigo live app, go to the sign-in section, and follow the sign-in directives.
  • On their official website press on the login tab.
  • Then, scan the code to login into your account. Or, you can log in using any of these accounts, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

The above steps are the medium to which you can log in to your Bigo live account.


How much does the average person make on BIGO?

It is safe to say that if you work for bingo you are not going to get rich because the money you are going to be getting paid is not a lot. An average hourly pay grade on bigo live is approximately 17.32 dollars. This is if you are a customer service manager you are also going to end at the same amount if you are a customer service representative.

Can you get famous on BIGO?

The answer is yes to this question it is very much possible to get famous on bigo however it is easier said than done. As a new streamer on bigo you will have to find other ways in which you will get your name in front of the viewers so that you can gain some traction. And one of the best ways to do this is to simply cross-promote your live room on social media platforms.

What are BIGO special fans?

The bigo specialty fans is a new feature that was recently introduced to the bigo live platform which allows users to build a better connection with their fans. It is a way for Live streamers to monetize their content while building a better fan base on the platform. This is done when hosts or live streamers create various subscription tiers for their fans to subscribe to.

How much is 1 beans in Bigo Live?

The bigger currency is known as beans and 210 beans is worth USD$1. This means that if you have about 6,700 beans this can be exchanged for about $31 USD.


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