Bill Maher Bitcoin? Bill Maher Bitcoin is an American political commenter, TV host, and comedian. Maher is known for the HBO political talk show Real Time with Bill Maher. The show has lasted since 2003 till date. He is also known for the similar late-night show called “Politically Incorrect”- since 1993 – 2002, which was initially on comedy central and later on ABC.

Bill Maher Bitcoin - Bill Maher Digital Reaction to Cryptocurrencies

The American comedian and TV host mocked bitcoin and other digital currencies, including dogecoin, where he admitted he doesn’t get bitcoin, during his TV show. Find out details about the mockery in the section below.

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Bill Maher Bitcoin

Maher during his Real Time with Bill Maher’s show Friday, mentioned bitcoin, dogecoin, and some other cryptocurrencies, saying that as far as he’s concerned, dogecoin is the same as all other cryptocurrencies because the whole thing is a joke.”

He called dogecoin “Easter Bunny Cartoon cash”, also linked crypto to Tinkerbell’s light, “its power source is based solely on enough children believing in it” according to him. However, he also claims he has read articles about crypto and had it explained to him. He said, “I still don’t get it neither do you or anyone else.”

He also mentioned Satoshi Nakamoto, where he stated that the pseudonymous BTC Creator’s names are the Japanese words for monopoly money. This was where he cited Warren Buffett, Nasim Talab, and Bill gate. According to, it talks about something that has to do with bill Maher bitcoin.

Maher also attached Tesla by saying “How can a company like Tesla be all in on saving the planet with electric cars and then participate in destroying it with this completely unnecessary online play money?”

He also went ahead to attach bitcoin fans, said: “your money-hungry opportunist, and you’re not allowed to pretend you care about the environment.” Due to the attack, lots of bitcoin fans fired back at him on social media.

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency also known as a digital currency that can be used for exchange. Bitcoin is not physical cash that you can feel or touch. Every transaction about this currency is done online.

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin is stored in software known as a digital wallet. Just like you keep real money inside a wallet, that’s how it is with Crypto, you store them in a digital wallet. Investors can transfer bitcoin to your wallet, and you can as well send it to others too.

The BTC wallet allows you to send, receive, and manage your account. Thus, you buy BTC at BTC direct, they would be sent to your wallet, in your wallet you manage your coin. The blockchain on the BTC network is a public list where all transactions are recorded.

How Much Is Bitcoin in Dollars

In knowing how much BTC cost today? You’re in the right place BTC price as at the time this writing is $43, 417.43. Just like another crypto, BTC does not have a fixed price, its prices are variable. How does the BTC price work? The higher the demand the higher the price. Thus, BTC prices can go up and go down at any time.

However, to get the accurate price of BTC, kindly watch the price live chart. On the price chart platform, you will see how the price tag increases and decreases.

How to Open A Bitcoin Account

Do you want to invest in bitcoin? Here are the steps to register for a BTC account.

  • Move their official website to bitcoin or open the mobile app.
  • Move to the registration screen.
  • Fill in your username.
  • Fill in your email address and confirm your email.
  • Press on the Create Account button.
  • Follow the onscreen directives to set up your account and create a strong password.

Taking the above steps appropriately, you will successfully register for a BTC wallet account.

How to Buy Bitcoin

Proceed with the guide below to buy BTC from your wallet.

  • Go to your mobile device.
  • Tap on the bitcoin wallet app you downloaded on your device.
  • Login to your bitcoin account.
  • Click on the green “buy” widget to buy BT cash, or click on the orange “Buy” tab to buy Bitcoin.
  • Navigate with the procedure on the screen to deposit coins to your preferred wallet.
  • Go ahead and verify your ID.

The above steps are pure guidelines on how to buy BTC.


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