Bitcoin Cash was established by reason of the hard fork that happened in August 2017. Bitcoin cash was created to contain a bigger block size when compared to Bitcoin and to grant access to more transactions in a single block. So today we are going to review the amazing Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash - Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash, What Is the Difference

However, the coin enters another hard fork in November 2018 and split into Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi Vision) Bitcoin Cash ABC. Now, Bitcoin Cash ABC is known as Bitcoin Cash now.

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Bitcoin Cash Review

Although there are Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash reviews that have many technical similarities. Both use the same consensus mechanism and wrap their supply at 21 million. Originally, Bitcoin was created to be a means of daily transaction peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency. But as the years go by, as it begins to be popular and used for mainstream traction, the price increases.

Bitcoin was rather preferred as an investment over a Currency. This affected its Blockchain capacity as it could not handle the numerous transactions. Also, to confirm time and fees for a transaction on the Blockchain of Bitcoin increased.

This happened because of the 1MB block size limitation for Bitcoin. There was queued of transactions awaiting confirmation, as blocks could not handle the increase in size for transactions.

Bitcoin Cash History

The minimum size of a block on the Bitcoin blockchain became less than 100 KB and the minimum fee for a transaction amounted to just a couple of cents. This exposes Bitcoin Blockchain to attacks basically of entirely cheap transactions that may possibly crumple its system.

However, to prevent this from happening, the size of a block on the Bitcoins blockchain was limited to 1MB. Each block is generated every 10 minutes, giving space and time before successive transactions.

The disadvantage of the time and size that is damaged in generating a new set of blocks adds more security to the Bitcoin Blockchain. All these measures act as hindrances when Bitcoin gained traction as mainstream.

After the fork in 2017, Bitcoin Cash developers have totally upgraded the block size to 32MB blocks.  Now Bitcoin has new and many exciting projects using the Bitcoin Cash network. They have a new setup roadmap and a crystal vision for the future, it is believed the best is what the future holds.

How Does Bitcoin Cash Work?

Bitcoin cash is very similar to the normal bitcoin that we all know and love however there are a few differences in how they work. One of such difference is that Bitcoin cash makes use of a larger block size than Bitcoin which helps to perform more transactions than Bitcoin. A block is a group of transactions that are added to the blockchain at the same time.

As a result of having larger blocks than Bitcoin, bitcoin cash can perform a lot of transactions at the same time as Bitcoin which means it is generally faster than Bitcoin. Each Bitcoin transaction is limited to 1 MB which can hold about 7 transactions per second but Bitcoin cash transaction is up to 32 MB which can hold hundreds of transactions per second.

Aside from the block size and the transaction speed of both they all work and function similarly together. Bitcoin cash is also an open-source decentralized digital Ledger such as bitcoin which can be mined exactly as bitcoins can be mined.

More Details on Bitcoin Cash

Although we have written a lot on Bitcoin Cash so far, there is still some information that we need to balance this article.

Bitcoin Markets – this is a platform you compare detailed historical metrics of BTC versus BCH. See more at

Buy Bitcoin Cash – You can buy Bitcoin Cash at with a credit card, it’s fast and safe.

Bitcoin cash can be spent at any purchase store that accepts Bitcoin Cash around your location. However, if any merchant accepts Bitcoin Cash, they will enjoy ultra-low fees as the network fee is less than a penny. No chargeback like fraudulent charges, refunds, etc. To start using Bitcoin Cash get a digital wallet. Or use a third-party solution to streamline the process.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Bitcoin Cash wallet gets it installed and enjoys simple transactions and multi-level security features. It is a free BCH ABC/BBC wallet that comes with an in-built and intuitive interface. You can create a new account in just a few minutes. The wallet is synced to the chains and you can top your wallet with almost any currency.

However, you will enjoy advanced security benefits, the wallet comes with multi-level security. The security perks include Fingerprint login, PIN code lock, and daily and weekly transaction limits. Also, you can set up a 2-factor authentication and an email confirmation for each transaction.

Bitcoin Cash Price

The Bitcoin Cash price has suddenly moved forward to a new level this year as the Cryptocurrency industry rebounded. In the past week, BCH has risen up by 15% in the past.

As reported that Bitcoin Cash has risen in the past 72 hours, bringing the total gains in the past 7 days to almost 50%. While Bitcoin has recovered to about $57,100, which is substantially higher than this week’s low of $53,300.

Currently, the Bitcoin Cash price surges as traders await the US current consumer price index data. This data ate very vitally due to its impact on interest rates. Moreover, the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve has powered Cryptocurrencies to a record high.

This is done by reducing the interest rate to a low record and its balance sheet is being expanded to its higher level on record.


Is Bitcoin Cash a good investment?

When it comes to investment all we have to work with is the forecast and also have the coin or the Investment has been performing before now. That being said it is forecasted that the bitcoin cash is expected to double in size within a year by their experts. It is also forecasted that it would have crossed over $1000 by the time we get to the Year 2026.

Is Bitcoin Cash safe?

All cryptocurrencies are secured unless they are fake, bitcoin cash is a secure cryptocurrency and it is as secure as the wallet in which they store it in. Securing your cryptocurrency should be a priority so you should make sure you only use the best cryptocurrency Wallet in order to keep your cryptocurrency safe.


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