Do you know of the Bluestack setup process? If you don’t know how to set up Bluestacks on your PC, then you are in the right place. This article is basically a tutorial on how you can easily set up bluestacks on your device.

Bluestack Setup

Most people don’t see this as a problem because they know how to go about installing and setting up bluestacks in their device this article, therefore, is not for everyone, most especially those who know about setting it up. However, if you don’t know about bluestacks and how to set it up on your device, this article is for you.

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Bluestack Setup

Before I go further in this article, what is bluestacks and what is it used for? I would be explaining what this is to you in a bit, therefore keep keen attention to all that I will be passing out to you. Having a PC is great. I mean you get to do all the things you cannot do with your Android device.

But do you also know that having a PC means that you don’t get to be able to do the things you used to do with your Android mobile devices? Although they are both smart devices, they are very different.

Is Bluestacks Free Or Paid

Normally there are two versions of bluestacks and this is what so many users don’t know about. The two versions of Bluestack we have are the free version with ads and the paid version with no ads.

These versions can also be referred to as the standard and the premium version. With the standard version, coms sponsored ads, but it is free. The premium version, on the other hand, is without ads, but it’s going to cost you. This version costs $24 per annum.

Apps and software that may run on your PC will not run on your Android device and this is where bluestacks come in on this article. Bluestacks is an Android emulator tool. And do you know what this tool does? This tool lets you run your Android apps and games on your PC. This tool is bridging the divide between PCs and Android devices and it’s really cool.

What You Need To Set Up Bluestacks On Your Device

In order to set up the Bluestacks app on your desktop, you need a desktop device. You don’t really need an Android device in order to successfully set up the Bluestacks app on your PC. If you see any post telling otherwise, please disregard it as it is not true.  This app (bluestacks) can only be installed on a PC running Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

Since the launch of the very first version of the app on October 11, 2011, the app has received a lot of positive reactions from users all over the world. The chance of a desktop owner having a Bluestacks app on his or her desktop is very high. Well, there are lots of other Android emulator tools, but the Bluestacks app is one of the best if not the best of its kind

How To Download And Install The Bluestacks App On My Desktop

Downloading the Bluestacks app on your desktop PC is an easy thing to do. Most people actually think that it is difficult, but this is not true. To get this done successfully and have a glitch-free experience with the whole process, make sure you adhere to every piece of information I will be passing out to you. To download the Bluestacks app, follow the steps below;

  • On your desktop PC, go to Bluestacks download.
  • On the blue stacks page, click on download bluestacks.
  • Go to the ‘downloads section’ on your desktop. Double left-click on the downloaded bluestacks files to begin the installation process.
  • Click on ‘agree’ from the dialog box to continue with the installation of bluestacks on your PC.
  • Dialog boxes will pop up on your desktop screen. Keep clicking or selecting next until you see an install option on one of the dialog boxes.
  • Click on the install tab to install. Immediately a bluestacks shortcut will appear on your display.

That’s it! Note that the Bluestacks installer will automatically scan and detect the operating system your device is running. And therefore will choose the right version of Bluestacks for you. When you want to download the bluestacks android emulator, make sure you don’t download from a third-party site.

Downloading from third-party sites may infect your PC with malware and viruses. If you already have an older version of Bluestacks on your PC, make sure you update to a newer version. Lastly, if you have a 32-bit Windows PC, make sure you download the 32-bit Android version of Bluestacks. If you have 64- bit Windows PC, download the 64-bit Android version of Bluestacks.


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