The Boston college institute of technology is a popular school located inside the main Rochford building and there are different types of facilities in the school and they include an electronics and robotics room, university-level seminar room, digital technology suite, graphic suite, hydraulics and pneumatics training equipment, and a STEM room etc.

Boston College Institute of Technology

Boston College Institute of Technology

The school are working hard to achieve so many goals which the school student can be opportune with. The school is a landmark institution that has a great plan to renovate and provide a lot in skills provision and in productively. This will be done by adding more investment to the school so that it becomes one of the best institutions in the world.

Boston College Institute of Technology Goals

The goals they are taking their full time to make include Grimsby, an integrated network Center that will be placed at the heart of Agri-tech, energy and digital sectors, food manufacturing, Scunthorpe, Grantham, Lincoln, engineering, rebranding of more than three-quarters of the institution, creating an easy way for a long-distance student to travel with no stress and so many

Instituted Of Technology Courses

There are various technology courses available at Boston College. See and check the available courses below;

Engineering Extended Diploma Level 3:

Students in level 3 of engineering extended diploma are to study this course for two years. The students are always informed to enrol the level 3 of the course from their first semester. So that they can be able to study the Engineering Foundation Diploma as their one-year qualification result.

The student gains a high understanding of the course when they have gotten to the level 3 diploma. Even before getting to level 3, the student has already acquired so much practical experience about engineering stuff during the end of the level 2 diploma. So many practicals have already been done and a lot of things they need to know about the course.

Level 3 Diploma Theoretical and Practical Aspect of Engineering

There are different subjects which the student in level 3 need to study on by practical and theory. And they include;

  • Product design
  • Electronics devise and circuits
  • Engineering principles
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic system
  • Computer-aided design

These are the list of most important subject student in level 3 need to deal with.

Engineering HND level 5:

The level 5 HND in engineering is the main extent when students will gain the main understandable skills. From this level, they can become a full engineering expert. The course purpose is to equip the students with important qualities they need to be good engineers. With this qualification, you work in different engineering apartments.

Level 5 Units courses to study

Below are the units level 5 student need to study;

  • Engineering maths
  • Engineering design
  • Mechanical workshop practices
  • Engineering science
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Pneumatics’ and hydraulics
  • Renewable energy

Above are the important list of the units

Level 5 HND Engineering Units

Below are the lists of the units the student needs to study;

  • Sustainability in engineering
  • Research project
  • Further maths
  • Professional engineering management
  • Advanced manufacturing technology
  • Lean manufacturing

Above is the list of units level 5 engineering students need to study.

Boston College Institute of Technology Course Guide

Get complete full details about the boson college in the course guide below;

Course Guide on Full Time and Part Time:

Details about full-time study and part-time study info are well loaded in the 2022/2023 course guide. You need to know about campus complete course list, details and information about their facilities, and other of their supported services like safety and security services. Click on this link to download the Boston College Course Guide on Full Time and Part-Time

Course Guide on University Level:

Essential’s information on the university level is found in the 2021/2022 university-level course guide. It also contains information about the Boston college and Boston college spading campuses. Click on this link to download the Boston College Course Guide on University Level

A Level Course Guide:

The A level courses available at Boston college information are found in the 2021/2022 A level course guide and this is where you can get the whole information you need. Click on this link to download Boston College A Level Course Guide.


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