The British Airways Credit Card is issued by American Express Bank. It is a travel credit card with lots of outstanding benefits for cardholders. If you are a frequent traveller, you can take advantage of this British Airways credit card from Amex.

British Airways Credit Card

To get started, you must first apply for a card. You can either apply online, in-store or over the phone. You will be given detailed instructions on how to obtain this AMEX British Airways card.

British Airways American Express Credit Card

American Express Bank offers three different British Airways cards. They have their own unique and outstanding features and benefits. The Amex British Airways credit cards are as follows:

  • The British Airways Credit Card from American Express
  • American Express® Premium Plus Card from British Airways
  • British Airways is expanding its business card offerings.

These are the British Airways credit cards by American Express. For more information about these cards, go to

British Airways Credit Cards Benefits

The following are the general benefits of the British Airways American Express Credit Card:

  • If they are approved, invite a friend and earn Avios
  • Welcome Offer
  • Travel accident and travel inconvenience insurance
  • Reward Yourself.
  • Companion Voucher
  • Earn Rate
  • Complimentary supplemental cards
  • Redeem your Avios for flights.
  • Other ways to use your Avios
  • Insurance for Travel Inconvenience
  • Travel Accident Protection:
  • Global Assist®
  • Travel Accident Protection
  • World-class Service
  • Purchase and Refund Protection.
  • Fraud Guarantee Experiences with American Express
  • Receive your card in the post.

These are the benefits of the British Airways Amex card.

American Express British Airways Credit Card Application

There are different ways you can get the British Airways Amex card. You can apply for the American Express British credit card online or visit American Express Bank to apply for one. If you qualify for the card, you will receive it in the mail.

How To Apply For A British Airways Credit Card Online

To apply for the card online, follow these steps, or you can call their customer support phone number.

  • Go to their main screen at or
  • Tap on the Learn More tab under the British Airways Credit Card you want to get.
  • Navigate to the “Apply now” tab and click on it.
  • Read the terms and conditions and click on Get started.
  • Type in your name, the name you want on the card, your email address, and your date of birth.
  • Provide your phone number and home address.
  • Input your SSN and answer the question that comes with it.
  • Enter your total annual income.
  • Input your non-taxable annual income (optional).
  • Select the source of your income.
  • To receive an approval text message, check the box beneath.
  • Click on the ” Continue” tab.
  • It will take you to the next page, where you’ll submit your application.
  • Follow the guide to finish your application.

Follow the guide above to apply for the card.

American Express Britannic Airways Credit Card Activation

Members of the British Airways Credit Card can activate their new card via mobile app, in-store, or online. However, to activate your card, you will need to provide your card details. During the activation process, you will set a PIN which you will use to access funds on your American Express British Airways Credit Card.

How to Activate Your Amex British Airways Credit Card Online

To activate your new American Express British Airways Credit Card, follow these steps to activate it online.

  • Move to the AMEX Credit Card activation website at
  • Fill in your card number.
  • Key in the last four digits of the ID behind your card.
  • Enter the required data and follow the prompts.

The above are steps to activate your new American Express British Airways credit card. Alternatively, to activate your card by phone, dial the Amex customer service phone number on your credit card.

 British Airways American Express Credit Card Login

Follow these simple steps to sign in to your Amex credit card account.

If you forgot your Amex credit card login password or user ID, to regain your password or user ID, click on the ” forgot user ID or password” tab. Then continue with the instructions on the screen.

British Airways ‘Credit Card Payment’

There are multiple ways to pay your Amex credit card payment. Cardmembers can make their payments through the mail, in-store, online or via phone.

If you want to pay by phone, before you place a call across, make sure you have your card information at hand.

How To Pay British Airways Credit Card AMEX Bill Online

To pay for your Amex Credit Card bill online, the directions below will guide you.

  • Visit British Airways (BA) credit card website at
  • Tap on the login tab to sign into your credit card account.
  • Once you sign in to your BA American Express card account, find the pay button and press it.
  • Fill in the data required to make your payment and follow the guide.

These are steps to pay your British Airways card Nikky online.

American Express Credit Card Customer Service

American Express provides quality customer service to its members. There’s also provision for an online chat platform for quick answers to queries. Not only that, but cardholders can also place a call across. However, their customer care phone number is available on their official website. Tap on the “help” button on their official website at


How much is 28000 Avios worth?

For two return flights to any zone 1 destination from the United Kingdom (including Prague, Paris, Berlin and others). With 2000 more points, you can travel to zone 2 destinations such as Rome, Venice, and Vienna.

What will 100,000 Avios points get you?

With 100,000 Avios, cardholders can book a return, off-peak Club World redemption for two people in Zones 1–5. which have destinations up to 4,000 miles in length (each way).


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