Do you know that the British Council Free Online Courses 2020 is now available to you? The British Council now accepts applications for these British Council Free Online Courses 2020. What does this give to you? You get to study for free from top Universities in the UK. The British Council allows students from different parts of the world to develop and enhance their English and explore British culture.

British Council Free Online Courses 2020


Here, you get to choose from the hundreds of courses that are just available to you. Whether you are interested in Law, Healthcare, Computer Science, Business Management, and more, the British council is just here for you!

Benefits of British Council Free Online Courses 2020

If you are just to learn about Politics, Literature, and so much more, you can do so online! In the world today, technology has simplified our activities. This includes the way we communicate, connect with each other, get entertainment, learn, and so much more. Right now, there are platforms that help you learn comfortably with the use of your smartphone, laptop device, and an active internet connection.

Among the several online learning platforms that you can find, you should check out these British Council Free Online Courses 2020.

Well, there are certain benefits attached to these online courses brought to you by the British Council. Let’s check them out.

  • There is a registration fee.
  • Free online courses and learning.
  • Access online.
  • Tuition fee waiver.
  • Students get digital certificates (to be paid for).

These are the amazing benefits that come with learning online from the British Council. However, before you go further, there are other helpful details to take note of. Stay right on this article, as we dive in.

Note that, the payment of the certificate actually depends on the course you take. You get it after the completion of your course and all eligibility. Some of these courses offer free certificates while others are to be paid for.


All courses and learning process will take place online.

Eligibility Criteria for British Council Free Online Courses 2020

For you to become eligible to apply for these online courses from the British Council, there are certain requirements you need to meet up to. This does not include these courses alone. Almost every learning platform has got certain requirements for you to be eligible for application and acceptance.

So, if you interested in learning from this online platform, below are the eligibility criteria;

  • Applicants of higher degrees, schools, and graduates having any qualifications can apply.
  • International students from other countries can also apply for courses at the British Council.

Eligible Countries

The British Council Free Online Courses 2020 is open to everyone from any region and different parts of the world.


It is absolutely easy for you to join any online course from the British Council. As long as you’ve got access to their official website, you can find courses for yourself. Let’s check out the easy procedures.

  • On your web browser, visit
  • Scroll through the page to find a course for yourself; offered at different Universities.
  • Click on the “Find out more” option under any course.
  • Next, tap on “Join Course for Free”.
  • You will have to create an account, in order to go further!

This will take you straight to the course lessons that you can join with other students out there.


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