Have you ever come across the word Buy Sell on Facebook Marketplace? That does not sound strange or does it? Well, whichever it is. There are several different Buy Sell Marketplaces available on the web, but in this case, I will talk about how to Buy Sell on Facebook Marketplace.

You may begin to wonder, why Facebook? Do not worry, as I will give you every detailed fact. Then you will get to know why Facebook is that special.

Buy-Sell on Facebook Marketplace - Marketplace on Facebook | Facebook Marketplace App

Well, it is no news to us that Facebook is one of the largest, most used, and most popular messaging and social sites on the web. And with it being one of the largest, you should know that there are hundreds of millions of users that make use of Facebook.


Buy-Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Buy-Sell on Facebook Marketplace is the process of buying and selling on the digital marketplace on Facebook. For the fact that Facebook has been one of the most used sites and user-friendly, a whole lot of business owners out there have seen Facebook as a platform to sell and advertise their products and businesses

And with this, Facebook has gradually turned into a hub for business and marketing, and not just messaging, interaction and entertainment.

Advertising, buying, and selling have also become major activities and features on Facebook apart from messaging, posting the picture, video calls, and more. So, this is to say that the Buy Sell Marketplace service is now one main part of the Facebook site.

How Does Buy Sell on Facebook Marketplace Work?

As the name implies, Buy Sell on Facebook Marketplace simply refers to the convenient location where the art of buying takes place between business owners, marketers, and individuals. And not just big companies and enterprises, if you have got items and products on sale, then you are also allowed to engage in the service of the Buy-Sell on Marketplace was launched by Facebook.

But there is one fact you need to know, Facebook does not really sell these items for you. You are only allowed to place these items on the Facebook marketplace, and Facebook makes these items visible to people.

If any user is interested, he or she will reach you on Facebook, where you both have to discuss how the products can get to the buyer’s location. However, the Buy-Sell on Facebook Marketplace feature is available on several different marketplaces on Facebook.

There are several parts on Facebook that serve as marketplaces. And in this article, I will clearly state out these marketplaces and how you can place your items on these marketplaces. Getting started on Buy Sell Marketplace is one very easy thing to do. All you have to do is create your Facebook account, because this time, Facebook is featuring the Buy Sell Marketplace.

So, if you already have your Facebook account, then you are set to go. But if you do not have an account and do not know how to create one, then I will show you how to do that.

Facebook Account

To get started on the Buy-Sell on Facebook Marketplace, you are to open your Facebook account. opening this account could be as easy as you could ever imagine. Are you interested in the Buy Sell Marketplace? Then here’s how to open a Facebook account.

  • Visit the Facebook site on facebook.com or open the app.
  • Type in your first name and surname.
  • Choose your date of birth.
  • Type in your phone number or email address.
  • Select your gender by ticking it out.
  • Create a strong password for the account and hit on “Sign Up”.

The Facebook new account will be created immediately and you would be sent a mail or code. Use the link or code to verify the account.

Facebook Login

After you have created your account, it will be open to you. However, after that, you have to log in to make use of the account, and here’s how to log in.

  • Visit the Facebook site on facebook.com from your web browser or open the Facebook mobile app.
  • On the box provided, enter your email or phone number and password.
  • Hit on Login to load the profile on the device.

The account would be loaded on the device immediately. You can start using the Facebook Marketplace app for buying and selling.

Facebook Buy and Sell on Marketplace

The Buy-Sell on Facebook Marketplace involves two things, which are buying and selling. So, if you are interested in selling your products on the marketplace on Facebook, then you should know that there are different marketplaces to do that.

However, we have the main marketplace, but there are other areas that also serve as marketplaces too. Do you want to engage in the Buy Sell Marketplace? Do you want to make sales on Facebook? It’s easy, as long as you have gotten your Facebook account. below are several ways to sell your items on Facebook.

How to Buy on Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace can be accessed using the mobile app or website on Facebook. The marketplace icon is presented by a shop like an icon.  To buy from there, follow below;

  • Open the Facebook application or website at facebook.com
  • At the top of the Facebook app, you will find a new “Shop” icon. Hit on the icon to load.
  • Tap on the “+What are your Selling” sign.
  • Add photos of the products you’d like to sell.
  • Add a Title.
  • Type a brief description of the items.
  • Describe the items.
  • Add the price tag.
  • Add a category and the placement of the product.

Facebook will automatically make these products visible to other users. Users can now gain access to your marketplace and search for the product they want. If any users find interest, they would contact you via Facebook or any means you provided.


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