Can You Have Multiple Threads Accounts? Yes, you can. If you only have multiple Instagram accounts, then you can make separate Threads profiles for each of their accounts. At the moment, switching between various profiles is far from easy, however, it is possible with threads.

Can you have Multiple Threads Accounts?
Can you have Multiple Threads Accounts?

Can You Have Multiple Threads Accounts?

As long as each of those accounts is linked to a different Instagram profile, you can add numerous accounts to Threads and move between them. The only drawback is that, after switching Instagram accounts, you will need to manually log out of Threads and then log back in because it uses the Instagram login page.

While Threads does not yet have the feature to group all of a user’s profiles into a single dropdown menu like on Instagram, it allows them to switch between accounts by merely tapping the username they wish to sign into.

You must log out of Threads, then go to your Instagram account, open the desired account, and then log back into Threads using the new username in order to move between profiles for the time being.

How to Add Multiple Profiles in Threads

Here are some steps to consider if you wish to add multiple profiles to threads:

  • Log into each profile by opening the Instagram app.
  • Go to your “profile page” in the app and click “the arrow next to your username” to log into a second Instagram account.
  • Enter the “user ID and password” after selecting the “add account” option.
  • By selecting the other account using “the arrow next to your username,” you can change between your Instagram accounts.
  • After signing into each Instagram profile, “download and run the app” from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • You will be asked to sign in using your “main Instagram profile” on the login screen.
  • Another request to swap profiles is located immediately beneath that one. Simply choose the one you want to use to log in.

These are the steps to consider when manually adding multiple accounts.

How do I switch profiles in threads?

Follow the steps below carefully to switch profiles:

  • To access the settings, go to “your profile page” and click the “hamburger menu” in the top-right corner.
  • You have the option to log out at the bottom of the settings.
  • You will be prompted to log out of the current profile when you click the “Logout” option.
  • You will be taken back to the home page after logging out, where a prompt to “sign in” using your “main Instagram profile” will be located.
  • If you have already added multiple profiles, select the desired profile by clicking on the “switch profiles” option.

These are all the steps you need to consider if you wish to switch profiles on threads. With this, you can manually manage multiple accounts on threads.

Final Words

When it comes to using numerous accounts on Threads, it is quite tedious. Nevertheless, this article provides some possible workarounds to go about it. What are your thoughts on Threads so far? Let us know in the comment section provided below.


  • Why do you need an Instagram account for Threads?

Currently, not everyone can access Threads. You will need to log in with your Instagram account to establish a Threads profile because that is how it works. Your Instagram account must be tied to your threads profile.

  • Are you allowed to create multiple Instagram accounts?

Absolutely. You are allowed to have multiple Instagram accounts. Users of Instagram are permitted to link several accounts to the same email or phone number. How to create a second Instagram account is detailed below: Go to your profile on the Instagram app after opening it.

  • Is it possible to change the account type?

Of course, just click “Settings” under Start. After selecting Accounts, select “Family & Other People.” Click the “Change account type” option after choosing a user account. Finally, depending on your needs, choose between the administrator and regular user types, and then click “OK” to make changes.



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