Canada School System Age? Do you want to know the age range in the Canadian school system? If yes, go nowhere, you’re definitely in the right place. This article will be unveiling the age range in the educational system in CA.

Canada School System Age: Canadian Schooling Child’s Age and Grades in Elementary and Junior High School

Schools in CA are publicly and privately and publicly funded. Thus, in CA, children often spend 1 to 2 years voluntarily in kindergarten, and children from age 6 enroll for 6 years of compulsory primary or elementary education.

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Canada School System Age

Nevertheless, in some places in CA, public-funded schooling starts in kindergarten – about the age of 5. Just like Ontario which offers pre-kindergarten: where children enter at about the age of 4 years.

Canadian Schooling Child’s Age and Grades in Elementary and Junior High School

Let’s look at the schooling age of children and grades for Canadian students.

  • 6 years old – Grade 1.
  • 7 years old – Grade 2.
  • 8 years old – Grade 3.
  • 9 years old – Grade 4.
  • 10 years old – Grade 5.
  • 11 years old – Grade 6.

The above is the age range for primary education in CA.

Junior High School Age Range

  • 12 years old – Grade 7.
  • 12 years old – Grade 8.
  • 14 years old – Grade 9.

These are the age range for junior high school in CA.

High School Age Range

  • 15 years old – Grade 10.
  • 16 years old – Grade 11.
  • 17 years old – Grade 12.

The above is the age range for high school in CA.

Canadian School System

Find out what primary, secondary, post-secondary, and tertiary education is in CA, in the various sections below.

What Is Primary School in Canada?

Primary School in CA is part of the educational system in CA where younger children mostly spend 5 – 6 years in elementary education. Here, children who are 6 years old are enrolled for 6 years of compulsory primary school education.

However, in primary school, moderating is done by provinces, and although approaches may vary in nuance, standards are universally high.

What Is Secondary Education in Canada?

Secondary schools in CA are run through to grade 12. After passing through primary school, the next stage of education is secondary education. The secondary school is divided into two – junior and senior/high school.

And, most Canadian students complete their school education through to grade 12, during which they may proceed on to vocational or tertiary education.

What Is Post-Secondary Education in Canada?

Post-secondary education is also known as Tertiary education. Post-secondary education is an education that takes place after secondary. This education covers trade programs, professional diplomas and certificates, degrees, and that sort of thing. If it’s not secondary (junior and senior high), then it’s post-secondary.

Among the 36 universities in CA, 8 are privately funded and 1 (Montreal) uses French as the medium of instruction. And students from across the world come to Canada for their tertiary education, and also Canadian degrees are recognized everywhere.

Canadian School Hours

Do you mean primary school hours in CA? School in CA hours generally run from 8 am – 3 pm, or 9 am – 4 pm, from Monday to Friday. Going to primary school in CA, you need to know that each province and territory chooses when the school year starts and ends, though it mostly starts in September and ends in June.

How old are you in Grade 1 Canada?

In Canada, children typically start grade 1 at the age of 6 or 7, depending on their birthdate. This means that if a child is born in January through August, they will likely start grade 1 at 6 years old, while if they are born in September through December, they will likely start grade 1 at 7 years old. It’s worth noting that some provinces may have different age requirements for starting grade 1.


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