Canadian School Grade? Canada is a popular country known for its outstanding educational system. When it comes to education, CA is one of the countries that have great educational qualities, both for elementary/primary, secondary/high, vocational, and Tertiary education.

Canadian School Grade - Canadian Elementary, Primary, Junior and Senior Secondary School Grade

However, on the internet a lot of people have been asking questions like; What grade is a middle school in Canada? Grading system in Canada high school? What grade is a 7-year-old in Canada? What grade is an elementary school in CA?

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Canadian School Grade

If you are one of the people asking the above questions, am glad to tell you that an end has come to your search. This article will give you details on grading in the Canadian school system. So, endeavor to read to the end.

Canada has various stages of education such as kindergarten, primary, junior secondary/middle school, high school, post-secondary/ Tertiary education. Each stage has its grade and age range, which you will be finding out the various sections under;

Canadian Elementary/Primary School Grade

  • The Elementary/ Primary Grade: From grade 1–6 (for children between 6–12 years old) period= 6 years.
  • Alberta Elementary/Primary School Grade: From Grade 1–6 (for children between 6–12 years old).
  • British Columbia Elementary School Grade: From Grade 1–6 grade (6–12 years old).
  • Manitoba Elementary School: Grade1–6 (6–12 years old).
  • New Brunswick Elementary School: Grade 1–5 (6–11 years old).
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Elementary School: Grade 1–6grade (6–12years old) period= 5years.
  • Ontario Elementary School: Grade 1–5grade (6–11 years old) period= 5 years.
  • PEI Elementary School: Grade 1–6 grade (6–12 years old).
  • Northwest Territories Elementary School: Grade 1–6 grade (6–12 years old).
  • Nova Scotia Elementary School: Grade 1–6 (6–12 years old).
  • Quebec Elementary School: Grade 1–6 (6–12 years old).
  • Saskatchewan Elementary School: Grade 1–5grade (6–11 years old) – period = 5 years.
  • Yukon Elementary School: Grade 1–7grade (6–13 years old) period= 7 years.

Canadian Junior/ Middle Secondary school Grade

  • Intermediate – Middle School: Grade 7–9 (12–15 years old,) period = 3years.
  • Alberta Junior High School: Grade 7–9 (12–15 years old) period = 3 years.
  • British Columbia Junior High School: Grade 7–9 (12–15 years old) period = 3years.

Canadian Senior Secondary School Grade

  • High School / senior Secondary School: Grade 10–12 grade (15–18 years old) period = 3years.

Secondary Educational system: At the middle school/ secondary school education level there is no difference between middle and high school. Some people finish their school education through to grade 12, whereafter they may move ahead to vocational or tertiary studies. Canadian academic year runs from September through to June, though in rare cases January admissions are allowed.

Vocational Technical Programs

It offers a 2 years Pre-University Program, typically Social Sciences, Natural Sciences or Arts. Also, a 3 Year Professional Program. Paralegal, Dental Hygienist, Nursing, etc. Just like the secondary school system, students with a practical take on life prefer to continue with vocational education.

The vocational studies offer range from individual courses through to technician and artisan training that last up to 2 – 3 years.

Tertiary Undergraduate Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Grade 13–16 (3 – 4-year program).
  • Master’s Degree: Grade 16–18 (1 -2-year programs).

Tertiary Doctorate 3years.


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