Canva for Photo Editing? Canva is a powerful photo editing tool, used for creating beautiful designs using the drag and drop features. If you’re looking for a free online photo editor, the canva is the best editor for your photos.

Canva Photo Editing - Best Online Photo Editor | Canva Photo Editor App Free Download

With this tool, you will enjoy photo editing, due to its easy-to-use features. All you need is to drag your picture into the editor to get started, add custom elements, modify the background, add text, and lots more.

Canva Photo Editing

However, this editing tool has an advanced photo effect and they’re available for premium accounts members. Here members have access to the library of effects, while free version accounts users get access to filter and edit photos only.

So, the ball is in your court, the account you choose determines the features you will enjoy. This photo editor comes with lots of outstanding features, here are some of the features

  • Users can upload and edit pictures on Canva’s official website.
  • You can save pics to your online library.
  • Users can share pics on the platform.
  • Here you can add filters and also edit pictures.
  • It comes with prebuilt and customized elements you can add to your pics, such as music, text, icons, etc.

These are features of the picture editor.

Best Online Photo Editor

Canva is one of the best online photo editors. You can access the platform online for free and with ease. With this free online photo editing, you can easily filter, resize it edit your pic for free. With this tool enjoy unlimited use, no watermarks, no apps or plugins.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a selfie and then, dive into this platform as you do justice to it, using the editing tool.

Canva Photo Editor App Free Download

Canva photo editor app is available for android and iOS users. Very much free to download from the apps store. With this editor app, you can create outstanding designs such as flyers, invitations, social media graphics, etc.

To get the app on your phone, do this.

  • Move to the play/apps search for the app.
  • Tap on the app.
  • Select the “install or Get tab.
  • It will download and install.

These are procedures to download the pic editor app.

How to Use Canva Photos

Follow the guide below to use the tool.

Sign up/Select Template.

  • You need to register for a free account
  • Tap on the sign-up button and proceed to sign up. you log in to your account.
  • After signing up on the home page you will Select available design templates, or find the sea tool to browse for the template you want.
  • Once you see the template you want, tap on it to select it.

When you have selected your desired template then it’s time to include a photo.

Add photo

follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to the toolbar on the left side of the screen, and click on the “Photo” button. The image library appears on the screen.
  • Go to the search tool and search for a particular pic.
  • After finding your desired pic, then, you can now stage and drop it into your design.
  • Here you can use the editing features to resize the image, change the way it appears, etc. Tap on the “toolbar” widget at the top of the screen.
  • After adding your photo where it should be you can add more images or include other elements to it.

Add the Headings and Text

You can use the drag and drop features to add headings and also body text.

  • Go to the “toolbar” and click on the “Text” widget.
  • All text options will appear on the screen. Select the option you want to use and drag and drop it on your design.
  • If you want to change the text, double click on the text and then enter the text you like.
  • If you want to change the fonts of the text, color spacing, select the fonts you want at the toolbar menu at the top of the screen.

Add Flair to Your Design with Elements

Follow the steps below to perform this action.

  • If you like to use a shape, kindly drag and drop the shape element you tapped on to your design.
  • To change the position of the Shape, hit on the “Position” tab.

Then from the list of positions shown on the screen, choose the one you like.

How to Share Your Canva Photo Design?

To share your design with friends and family, do these.

  • Click on the “share” button.
  • Fill in the email address of the person you are sending the design to.

Here, you can permit them to effect changes or to view only.

How to Download Canva Design

To download the Canva photo you designed, follow the guide.


  • Press on the “download” tab in the toolbar.
  • Proceed to select your file type.
  • If you used a premium pic for your design, it means you will pay for it, to be able to download it. If So, click on the “Pay and download” button to pay.

The guide above is the procedure to make the most out of the Canva editing tool.


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