Car Struggles to Start – What could be the reason? Are you trying to start your car but you notice it finds it hard to start? If you experience such, this article will be very helpful to you.

Car Struggles to Start

However, the content will be unveiled possible reasons why your car struggles to start. Not only that, you will also get some easy DIY fixes to start your car and get you home.

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Car Struggles to Start

The turning of your key sends a signal to a small starter engine. This requires power from your car’s battery. So, the starter engine will start moving and it will engage a bigger gear. This gear ultimately leads to your engine turning over and starting to run.

And, when the engine starts, fuel and air will start pumping around the system. These are the Car starting processes. When you try to start your car and it didn’t start smoothly, there are possible things that can cause that.

Reasons Why Your Car Struggles to Start (and DIY Fixes)

 Below are reasons why your car struggles to Start;

Dead or Dying Battery

One of the common reasons is that of a dead or dying battery. The starter motor requires input from the battery to fire up. Moreover, there are a number of components that need battery power to operate.

And if your battery doesn’t have enough juice, then your car simply won’t start or will struggle to do so.

For totally dead batteries, troubleshooting is easy. If your electric key fob doesn’t work, then that could be a sign that your battery is bad.

Possible Fix: First, check the health of your battery. Also, you might need a jump start or a complete replacement.

Loose Cables

If any tool is missing a proper connection, your car can struggle to start. Cables can become loose when driving through bumpy roads routinely or just naturally over time.

This is one of the major culprits if you notice issues right after doing some repairs to your battery, fuel pump, or starter. So, when you fail to securely connect all the cables after a repair will cause this problem.

Possible Fix: Double-check the cables and wires throughout your car, especially after doing repairs yourself.

The fuel Filter is Clogged

The fuel filter removes particles from your gasoline as it flows through your car. These particles are dirt, dust, and rust that could damage your engine if they bypassed the filter. Once clogged, it can restrict the flow of fuel through the line.

So, when there’s enough restriction, your engine won’t see enough fuel for ignition to take place. And you might have to turn and hold your key multiple times for the fuel to finally ignite.

Possible Fix: Check your car filter. If it’s a clod, replace it immediately.

The starter is no Good

If your starter motor is blown, then the first step of the starting process won’t work. Also, if you turn the key and hear a clicking noise, that could be the starter telling you it’s dead or dying. If you jump into the car and nothing changes, it’s another good sign. Lastly, if lights and windows work but your car won’t start, you can blame the starter.

Fix: Replace the starter as soon as possible. You can do

The ignition Switch is Faulty

There’s an electrical switch in your ignition. When you turn your key, a signal gets sent that you want to start the car. This signal is the first domino that knocks down the rest and starts the car-starting operation.

Overuse and highly humid areas can also cause your ignition switch to go bad. If your car randomly dies once the engine starts or your lights sporadically switch off, it could be due to this ignition switch.

Fix: Go to the technician to help you fix it.

Too Thick or Dirty Oil

If you didn’t know that the oil in your car needs to be routinely changed, you’re in danger. Neglecting this piece of maintenance for a very long will result in thick and dirty oil. This sludges the fluid down and slows down the whole process.

However, Oil needs to be a certain viscosity or else it won’t work. When the oil is too dirty, it won’t allow the car-starting process to move forward.

Fix: change the dang oil and replace the filter

Not Enough Fuel

When the fuel in your car is not enough, it won’t be rich enough to get ignited by the spark plugs.

If you’ve been putting off your trip to the gas station, this is the unfortunate outcome. Definitely, you could also swap to an electric vehicle and never worry about this.

Fix: get a gas can go to your local gas station, and use that to fill up your vehicle.


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