Careers That Earn the Most Salary in Nigeria. Choosing a professional career could be difficult, especially for recent graduates. It can be overwhelming to choose from the hundreds of thousands of career options that are available in Nigeria as job prospects grow.

Careers That Earn the Most Salary in Nigeria
Careers That Earn the Most Salary in Nigeria

This blog enlightens more on the careers that earn the most salary in Nigeria in 2023, so you have to read through it carefully.

Careers That Earn the Most Salary in Nigeria

Not all careers are made equal, in spite of the fact that most are excellent and filled with possibilities. Discover most of the highest-paying jobs and occupations in Nigeria with the aim of the article. If you just graduated from college or you are just wanting to change careers, then you can just use this blog to sort out one.

Most Nigerians worry about finding better jobs because the country’s minimum wage is set at a low price and the Naira is no longer among Africa’s strongest and most valuable currencies.

There is no doubt that the finest and best careers in Nigeria do not pay poorly. The salaries are knowingly higher if a particular job or career is the best. You will be given a thorough list of a few jobs that are best for you, rather than just a career route.

Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Nigeria in 2023

Consequently, it is best and wisest to select a career that aligns well with your goals and personality. Those careers are listed below:

  • Software Engineers

The industry that has swept the world by storm is the software development department. Because of the widespread use of both computers and other advanced technology software nowadays, software engineers are in high demand, especially in the business world.

In addition, they could design, develop, and even support unique software for companies and organizations. These highly skilled individuals produced an extensive range of software, including machine operating systems, mobile applications, and computer applications. Software professionals could earn an average of N1,950,700 per year.

  • Engineering in Petroleum

One of Nigeria’s most significant exports to the rest of the world is crude oil. Nigeria will be the 10th largest crude oil exporter in 2023, with $30 billion in exports. The nation has an essential oil export business and has a high demand for petroleum engineers. Petroleum engineers typically earn an average of $5,824,000 annually.

Because of this, petroleum engineers in Nigeria consistently rank among the highest-paid jobs or occupations.

  • Medicine and Surgery

The best common way that you can use to describe a doctor is as someone who saves lives (with the help of God). It’s not false, but it gives part of the story. A doctor is a medical professional who uses medical practices and principles for preventing, treating, diagnosing, and caring for patients who are ill. To maintain their body’s health and mental well-being.

The healthcare industry in Nigeria comprises a few of the highest-paying jobs. Around the nation, there is high demand for health experts in Nigeria. One of the best-paying professions in Nigeria is surgery. Doctors and surgeons could earn an average salary of N11,700,00 a year.

  • Construction Engineering

All infrastructure, both public and private, is designed and built by civil engineers. Buildings, tunnels, bridges, dams, and most irrigation systems and facilities are built by them. They are also responsible for overseeing these construction projects and making sure that they adhere to requirements.

The annual payments for civil engineers in Nigeria are N3,850,000.

  • Accounting

The world, including Nigeria, and any other business operations require an accounting. Through this employment, you can learn about the inner workings of the company’s finances.

Additionally, you can help clients manage cash flow and then comply with regulatory requirements. Accounting jobs pay their professionals a yearly average of N1,290,200.

  • Project Administration

It’s challenging to complete a project from start to finish. The project has a lot of moving parts that could need to work well together for it to succeed. Moreover, project managers are in charge of supervising these elements and then making sure that they interact harmoniously.

Project managers could make an average of N4,950,000 per year while being project managers.

  • Customer Service Representative

Customer needs should always be accommodated by businesses. They are in charge of handling difficulties, offering assistance, and nurturing relationships with them. Customer support professionals are crucial in many firms as a result.

Additionally, they can serve as a company’s representatives and ambassadors in its growing community. They receive an average annual salary of N727,080.

  • Officer of Human Resources

Every business needs its employees to engage, connect, and communicate with one another. Customers, clients, employees, and most other businesses in the industry can all be helpful. A human relations degree could help you learn the fundamentals of interpersonal communication, but a business degree is necessary for rising to the director or C-suite level.

Their anticipated yearly income is N1,235,000.

  • Engineer in Aeronautics

Since the dawn of time, flying has been one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments. An aeronautical engineer is in charge of designing, maintaining, and building airplanes. To enhance air travel in Nigeria and around the world, they could carry out research and development.

There are lots of great demands for aeronautical engineers in Nigeria. They could make an average of N4,350,000 a year.

  • Bank Assistant

In Nigeria’s aspect of the economy, both banking and financial institutions are crucial. In addition to managing your money, banks could also be in control of other aspects of the economy. And assisting customers and the bank with its many services is the responsibility given to bank colleagues.

They help retail customers assess their financial situation. Bank Assistant could also support businesses in contacting them and securing loans that can satisfy their requirements. They could earn an average salary of N4,420,000 annually.


According to the careers indicated above, there are some other industries with employment opportunities, including those in law, marketing, education, and agriculture. It is significant to remember that a person’s interests, abilities, and passion determine the best career for them.

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What is the highest-paid job in Nigeria?

It is mentioned that healthcare services are one of the highest-paying jobs or careers in Nigeria. Health professionals are in demand throughout the country. Surgeons are one of the highest-paid professionals in Nigeria. Annually, they could receive an average of N11,700,000.

What are the lowest-paying jobs in Nigeria?

These are the top 5 positions with the lowest salary:

  • Nursery School Teacher Assistant Education, Science, and Research
  • Cleaner general labor
  • Seamstress in the textile, leather, and apparel industries.
  • Porter, Information Staff, General Labour
  • Assistant Teacher Education, Science, and Research
  • Medically Orderly Medicine and Social Care
What job can I do to make money in Nigeria?

Read on to learn more about the different ways that you can make money in Nigeria:

  • Online Commerce Business
  • Social media marketing
  • Build an audience on social media.
  • Investing in dollars
  • Create an online course.
  • Freelance content services
  • Answer surveys online.
  • Test applications and websites to share feedback.


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