Do you wish to buy, sell or swap a car but you’re still searching for the right place to go? Cars45 is actually a great option you need to try out. The company doesn’t only sell cars, but also it swaps and you can sell a used car too. Sounds interesting, right?


Cars45 is one of the safest, fast, smart, and also hassle-free companies you can sell or buy cars from in Nigeria. Want to know more? Then read on.



Cars45  is an online marketplace that makes it easy for individuals to search, buy cars, bid, and also save money. By giving them the best prices in Nigeria used cars and vehicles. Cars45 is really simple to use, but you need to have an account.

Also, there is a mobile application for the site that is compatible with any device type. The service has its headquarter at Agidingbi, Lagos with over 20 branches in Lagos, 5 in Abuja, and also in Port Harcourt.

Cars45 Marketplace

Cars45 Marketplace is a convenient and safe way of buying and selling cars. In the marketplace, you would find different cars that are for sale. Individuals can preorder cars available in Nigeria and also import cars from Abroad.

Cars45 Sell

Selling a car hasn’t been made any easier! So many sites use the old fashioned way of selling a car with the “For Sale” sign on it. Also, the old means are difficult, time-consuming and kind of frustrating, because it leaves you like the possible buyer, who didn’t get the right deal.

But on Cars45, you get a quick, simple, and guaranteed sale without the stress of exchange. Trust me, Cars45 would be considered the one Nigeria’s top platform selling cars with reliability, security, and fast procedures. Car sellers are some advantages such as;

  • There’s no need to park the car on the roadside with the “For Sale” can for months. Sorry to say, but most people keep their cars on the roadside for up to five months looking for a buyer.
  • You don’t have to be scared about buyers driving your car away or planting a tracking device to come and steal it later.
  • Sellers get entire sales to proceed once all the cars are verified.
  • Buyers have no right to wage war against you because of misunderstandings.
  • You and the vehicle would be linked to various buyers via the auction platform.

This selling platform is indeed a great platform you should try out.

How to Sell your Car

Selling your car on Cars45 is simple, fast, and reliable. Most people have been finding it difficult to sell their cars, but I’ve got you. Here’s a step by step guide on how to sell;

  • Start by getting an online valuation for the car. That includes going to the site, then the car valuation tool and providing the details of your car. These details include; brand, model, year, email ID, and also transmission type. Then hit on “Value my Car”.
  • Use the appointment form to book one. Pic out your city, inspection centre, date, and time with other necessary info.
  • Proceed by taking the car for inspection.
  • After the inspection of the car, it would be posted on the auction platform for an interested buyer to bid on it. By those doing, the platform ascertains the best offer that’s available for you. The next step is for you to accept it or bail out if it doesn’t suit you.
  • Once the selling of the car has been done, your payment would be sent to you. That is to say, after every conclusion, you would receive an alert for the money.

The process is indeed simple and fast. So don’t you try Cars45.

Cars45 Buy

Making a purchase or buying a car on Cars45 is also as simple as buying. To buy visit any CarsBazr lot close to you. Then read the detailed inspection report of the car’s condition and last but not least make the payment via bank transfer or deposit to the company’s account details.


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