In this article, we will be giving a lot of information you need concerning Ccleaner XP. For newbies or anyone who have no idea about Ccleaner XP, we will be educating you and giving you the basic required information, you need about Ccleaner XP. All you have to do is to read this article carefully, so you can get the basic information you need about it.

Ccleaner XP

Ccleaner XP is known to be an excellent tool for eliminating malicious programs that are hidden deep in the computer system, but as the Ccleaner XP malware incidents prove, even the programs created to protect our computers from a threat are not immune from hackers.

Ccleaner XP – 

Ccleaner originally (Crap cleaner) developed by piriform, is a utility used to clean potentially unwanted files and invalid windows registry entries from a computer. This is one of the longest established system cleaners, first, it was formerly made known in 2004. It was originally developed for Microsoft Windows only.

The software gets rid of temporary files that eat up disk space and invalid windows registry keys. During the cleanup, malicious files buried in the system are also deleted. Ccleaner has another purpose it will also delete private user data. For example, it will erase your browser history, cookies, and cache files for any browsers you have installed- Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and even opera.

How to Download the Ccleaner Mobile App on your Android Device – Download Ccleaner XP

Downloading the Ccleaner mobile app on your android device will be of no regret to you because there is a lot the app explores. Those who are still stress-out about how to download the Ccleaner mobile app on their android device should kindly follow the below steps;

  • make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Visit your Google Playstore and click on the search icon.
  • Make a search on Ccleaner mobile app
  • Now tap it when found and click on the install button.

You will have to wait for some time for the Ccleaner Mobile App to get installed on your android device. now you can set up the app and start enjoying its benefits.

How do I Use the Ccleaner to Clean Files?

Below are the steps and guide for you to use Ccleaner to clean files

  • First type ‘Ccleaner’ in the windows search bar and select Ccleaner from the options.
  • If it has opened, and Ccleaner will give you a number of options.
  • Open “custom Clean.”
  • Use the bar on the left to select which type of files you would love to analyze or clean.

Deleting your internet cache or internet history will remove all saved passwords and saved website

Is Ccleaner safe to use

Yes, it is. They have designed the Ccleaner app so that it only removes files they know you are no longer in need of, and also the registry cleaner only detects remaining entries that are no longer associated with anything.

It has been downloaded a lot of times since it was first made known in 2004 making it one of the world’s most popular PC optimization apps. This is enough reason to convince us that the Ccleaner is safe to use.


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