Are you one of the many asking this question “change my business name on Facebook”? Have you gotten tired of your Facebook business page name and want to change it from the present name to a nicer name?

But you are finding it difficult or not know how you can change it, I bet you after reading about this article change my business name on Facebook, you will understand what it is all about. And you will also find it easier to change your business name on Facebook.

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Change My Business Name on Facebook

You will all agree with me that, whatever has to do with business on Facebook has to do with a business page. This means that you cannot be a businessman or woman and you do not have a business page that means you cannot advertise your business on Facebook.

Creating a business page on Facebook helps a lot. You cannot see a business owner that is marketing his business on Facebook and he did not have a Facebook page for his business.


Facebook is a platform that helps you market and also advertises your business for free. It helps you reach out to a large number of Facebook users that are out there in the world. Do you know the reason why most businessmen and women use Facebook as a means of marketing their business, is because most people spend their time on the platform doing one thing or the other?

Again, the whole wide world makes use of this Facebook platform and some of them do not have the chance to view your timeline if you are a business person, to see if you posted anything there. But what they do is that just go ahead visiting your business page to view your update and your product if it might interest them or not.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page?

This is what I am talking about, the page also helps you to reach out to your audience all over the world. creating a page is very simple, what I want from you right now is to keep to the steps that I am going to give to you below.

  • Number one, you have to sign in to your account and access the page tab at the left column of your Facebook homepage.
  • After that, you have to click the create tab on the page after you have clicked on the page tab.
  • Choose your option “Business and brand” under it click to get started.
  • Name your page and enter a category.
  • After that, click continues and you can upload a photo and a cover photo to the page. you can also skip the upload and do them later on.

With the steps above you can easily create your Facebook business page. Marketing, advertising, and creating a business page on Facebook required an account first. An account must be signed up on Facebook before you can access any of these things you see in this article.

You just need to visit the Facebook website to sign up or through the mobile app but you have to download the app first.

How to Change My Business Name on Facebook

If you are trying to change your business name on Facebook this is what you should do. You need to access your business page and click see more below your business page photo. Move down and also click about after that.

You will be taken to your page information and you will see where to change your business name. Click edit to get the name changed and when you are done click continue to save your new change.


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