. Every one of the above 9 million registered car drivers in the state of Pennsylvania is looking for a way to save a few bucks on their insurance. It is typical Human nature to always go for something that is cheap to save money for all things. If you are looking for cheap car insurance in Pennsylvania you are not alone and you are on the right article.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

Today we are going to be taking a look at all the cheap car insurance in the state of Pennsylvania for everyone in need. We all know that no one is allowed to drive on the roads of Pennsylvania without active car insurance. So in this article, we will be evaluating every rate of some of the top car insurance companies in the state of Pennsylvania.

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Cheap Car Insurance in Pennsylvania – Cheapest Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

Before getting into your car turning it on and hitting the road the first thing you need to check is your car insurance if you are in Pennsylvania. Because it is against the rules to drive without car insurance in the state. There are several car insurance companies in the state but today we are looking at cheap car insurance pa.

Geico Erie and State Farm are some of the best car insurance with the cheapest rates in the state of Pennsylvania. For state minimum coverage in Pennsylvania, State Farm is the cheapest that is if you are looking for minimum coverage. It has the minimum code in Pennsylvania for minimum liability coverage which is about $336 per year, which is 32% below the state average.

That being said below are the cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania:

  • State Farm $336
  • Erie $353
  • Allstate. $536
  • Nationwide $566
  • Geico $579
  • Progressive $628
  • USAA $480

Cheapest full coverage Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

Anyone who does not want to go for the minimum liability car insurance coverage in Pennsylvania can simply Go for full car insurance coverage. Full car insurance coverage in Pennsylvania covers every aspect of your car and everything you need in insurance. State Farm also has the most affordable cold of any car insurance company in Pennsylvania.

The list of all the full Coverage and cheapest Pennsylvania car insurance quotes is Below:

  • State Farm $1,052
  • Erie $1,177
  • Nationwide $1,555
  • Allstate $1,771
  • Progressive $1,857
  •  Geico $2,045
  • USAA $1,644

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for PA Drivers with Prior Incidents

If you are driving in Pennsylvania state and you have a prior incident with your car there are certain insurance companies that you need to go for. Basically, all drivers with accidents, speeding tickets, and DUIs pay more for insurance than those without. The reason for this is that insurance companies view drivers with an incidence as high-risk drivers. So they tend to make them pay more money to cover their auto insurance.

Below is a list of the car insurance quotes for PA drivers with incidents:

  • State Farm $1,240
  • Erie $1,265
  • Allstate $2,325
  • Nationwide $2,684
  • Progressive $2,808
  • Geico  $3,716
  • USAA  $2,303

Cheap Pennsylvania Car Insurance for Drivers with Poor Credit

Getting insurance is partly based on your driver’s history for any auto insurance you are looking for. So if you have a poor or bad credit history it is definitely going to reflect in your insurance quote. Most states also allow the insurance company to make use of credit history when giving out car insurance. This means that everyone with a bad credit history you are certainly going to pay more.

This is because most insurance company believes that a person’s credit history tells the future of the person. Erie has the cheapest Pennsylvania car insurance for drivers with poor credit history. Below is a list of the cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania for drivers with poor credit history:

  • Erie $1,164
  • Travelers $1,173
  • USAA  $1,663
  • Atlantic States Insurance $1,871
  • State Average $2,473

Cheap Pennsylvania Car Insurance for Good Drivers

Insurance company loves looking forward to drivers who are considered good drivers. These are drivers with a clean slate of driving with no issue or incident to their name. These are the kind of drivers that insurance companies do not collect much money from for insurance coverage.

Good drivers probably would not cost the insurance company money because they will not get into any form of accident. Below is the list of the cheapest insurance companies in Pennsylvania for good drivers;

  • Westfield $1,164
  • Travelers $1,173
  • State Farm $1,352
  • Allstate  $1,506
  • State Average $1,790

Required Car Insurance Discounts in Pennsylvania

Before getting your car insurance quotes for Pennsylvania you should look out for some of the required car insurance discounts in the state. All the insurance companies in the state are required to have at least three of any of the below discounts:

  • Anti-theft device discount
  • Passive restraint discount
  • Older adult discount

Insurance companies in the Keystone State must offer all the above discounts to any of their customer looking for insurance. It doesn’t matter whether the driver is a high-risk driver or a bad credit driver these Discounts must be offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is car insurance per month in PA?

The cheapest car insurance per month in the state of Pennsylvania for minimum liability coverage is $41. This quote belongs to State Farm which is the cheapest car insurance company in Pennsylvania having minimum insurance of $336.

Is car insurance cheaper in Pennsylvania?

After a comparison of various car insurance companies all over the United States of America, it was discovered that car insurance in Pennsylvania was cheaper. Car insurance in Pennsylvania is about $200 cheaper than car insurance in any other place in the country.


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