Have you heard of the Chevening 2021 – 2022 Scholarship for Nigeria Students – UK? The life-changing opportunity is here again, as the UK government’s global scholarship program known as Chevening is here again? This program offers professionals the opportunity to study in the UK and be empowered with higher academic intellectuals that prepare them as future leaders. The scholarship grant is given to professionals with outstanding academic records from around the world to hound a one-year master’s degree program in any subject of their choice at any UK university.

If you fall into the category of those with outstanding academic records, unlimited leadership potentials, and aspire to be greater, here’s an opportunity for you, don’t wait to be discovered take a chance and apply now.

Chevening 2021 – 2022 Scholarship for Nigeria Students – UK

Chevening scholarship layout fully-funded scholarships, taking the funds stress off your shoulder, and allowing you to fully concentrate on attaining your goals academically and still enjoy a lifetime of experience. You will be given accommodation to live during the period of your studying for a period of one year, it is during this time your professional and academic network will be groomed, the scholar is also given the chance to experience the culture of UK, and help create a positive relationship that will last with the UK.

About Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening scholarship is an international scholarship that empowers students with qualities of leadership from over 160 countries to study postgraduate courses in the United Kingdom universities. The funds of the scholarship come from the British foreign commonwealth office and some other organizations partnered with. The scholarship scheme for Chevening began in the year 1983, the scheme aimed to create a good friendship network of the UK, who will be leaders in the future in their various countries. The number of the scholarships available varies for the different countries, with candidates from China, Russia, Nepal, and India among the countries with the highest grant. However, the criteria Chevening uses to select applicants for the scholarship, varies from one country to another, and are different from one year to another.

Benefits of the Chevening Masters scholarship

If offered the Chevening scholarship you have access to the following;

  • Your UK travel costs to and from.
  • You get a monthly stipend.
  • Tuition fee.
  • Your arrival allowances.
  • Then your departure allowance.
  • The cost of one of your visa applications.
  • A grant of travel to be in attendance at Chevening events in the UK.

Eligibility for Chevening 2021 – 2022 Scholarship for Nigeria Students – UK

Check out the following criteria to be eligible;

  • Firstly, you must be a citizen of the eligible countries of Chevening.
  • You must return to the country of your citizenship for at least a period of two years after the end of your scholarship award.
  • All your undergraduate degree components must be complete for you to be eligible to get entry into the UK university to study a postgraduate program at the time of your application submission.
  • You must have two years of working experience.
  • For you to be eligible, you have to have applied for three different accredited courses in a UK university and return have been offered an offer that is unconditional from one of the courses.
  • You must also meet with the Chevening requirement in the English language.
  • Courses cannot be studied per time.
  • Distance learning is not acceptable.
  • You study duration cannot be less than 9 months and should not exceed 12 months.
  • You must be applying for a postgraduate degree program.


If you have the scholarship requirements and you have interest in applying go to the following link to apply. Chevening on www.chevening.org.

Application Deadline

The closing date for the Chevening 2020 – 2021 scholarship for Nigeria students – the UK is November 3, 2020.


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