Chrome Backgrounds: How To Download Or Remove Chrome Themes On Your Device

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Do you know that you can customize how your desktop or mobile devices chrome backgrounds look? Yes, this is very possible though not everyone knows about this. With some very fun themes on chrome available for free users can change how their browsing tool looks. If you feel like giving your chrome a new look, or a personal and personalized look, you can. All you need to do is to follow the steps that will be shared in the course of this article. Chrome is one of the best web browsing tools currently n the business now. And you can make it more fun with the free, fun-filled, and interesting themes it has in store.

Chrome Backgrounds

Chrome Backgrounds

Notice that when you download or get the chrome web browser on your device, you get a default background. But what most persons do not know is that they can actually change how their chrome background actually looks. This works like A, B, C, but only if you know how to go about it. For those users on the other hand who think that the background on chrome web browsers is actually unchangeable, you will get to learn today about this possibility of changing your chrome browser background with this article ‘chrome backgrounds’.

When it comes to background on chrome, you actually have two options. You can however choose to go with the popular dark theme everyone’s talking about to give your browser a more dark and bold look. Also, another thing that you can actually do, more like the second option here is that you can opt for themes. Whatever you chose, it is actually great to personalize your own browsing tool. This chrome feature is one that you cannot easily find elsewhere. And if you are using a Chrome web browser, then find yourself very lucky.

The themes on chrome appear around the border of the browser and also as the background when you open a new tab. Also, know that your chrome themes are stored in your Google account directly. Do you know what this means? Well, this simply means that when you sign in to any other chrome on any computer device, you get to see the same theme that was activated on the previous chrome signed in with the same Google account. Enough talking now, it simply time I tell you how to download or remove chrome themes successfully on your device.

How To Download Or Remove Chrome Themes On Your Device

Doing or going about this just as explained earlier is easy, but only if you know how to go about it. If you do not know how to change your chrome theme, follow the steps below;

  • Open the Chrome app on your desktop computer.
  • Click the ‘more icon’ at the top right corner of the chrome web browser.
  • Select settings from the pop-up or menu list.
  • Click on themes under ‘appearance’.
  • You can click on the thumbnails to preview the different themes available to you.
  • Locate the theme you would love to use on your chrome background and click the ‘add to chrome’ button.

That’s it. The theme will be applied immediately to your chrome web browser. But if you feel like you have changed your mind, you can click on the Undo tab at the top. You can also change or select themes from the chrome web store themes here. However to remove a chrome theme;

  • Open the Chrome app on your computer device.
  • Click More at the top right and select settings.
  • Under the appearance section, click the Reset to default tab.

Immediately you will see the classic chrome theme and appearance restored.


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