Chrome on Mac: Download and install Google Chrome on MAC

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“Chrome on Mac” Mac is an Apple product, comes with Apple’s Safari web browser already installed on it and it is used by many.

However, Chrome on Mac is also available for use. All you have to download to download and install it on the Mac. Have in mind that, downloading Chrome on Mac is not the same as getting Chrome on iPhone that just have to go to the app store and get it.

Chrome on Mac

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This one is different and that’s most users have been finding it hard to get Chrome on Mac, but you not worry anymore. Because in this article, I will be giving guides on how you can download and install Chrome on Mac.

Chrome on Mac

Chrome on Mac is the downloading and installing of Chrome into your mac for use instead of the Safari browser.

Safari being an inbuilt browser on the device has its own benefits, however, you might want a different browser like Google Chrome, mostly if you’ve been using Chrome for a long time.

In the past recent years, web browsers have come a long way, with most of them reaching some sort of feature parity and common user interface.

With the interface, switching between them is very easy and fast. And Chrome on Mac is no exception.

However, if you’ve been wanting to use Chrome browser on your Mac, but don’t know how to go about it, then read on.

Google Chrome on Mac

Google Chrome is actually of the best and fastest web browser that you can use and using Google Chrome on Mac is great.

Although, Apple’s Safari is a great browser to use if you need a changed Chrome is the best option to use on your Mac.

Google Chrome is a fast, free web browser, and using it on Mac is one of the best choices you could make for your device. Download and Installing Google Chrome on Mac are easy and fast to do. Now, without wasting time, let’s dive in on how you can download Chrome on your device.

How to Download Chrome on Mac

Downloading Google Chrome on Mac and installing is quite easy and fast to do. However, if you’ve been finding hard to do, then follow below instructions below on how to download Google Chrome on Mac;

  • Open Safari browser and visit the Google Chrome Download page.
  • Then click on “Download” on the page that will be loaded.
  • When it downloads, open the file called “google chrome, dmg.”
  • Then drag the Chrome icon to the Applications folder when you’re asked.
  • Now, launch Google Chrome from Applications or straight from Dock.
  • Then, remove the Chrome download for Mac from the Downloads folder by moving or dragging it to Trash.

Now, with that Google Chrome will be downloaded and installed into your Mac. Now that it is done, you might want to make Chrome your default browser on the device.

That can be done by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner, followed by Settings, and then in the Default browser side, select “Make Default”.


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