Chrome Plating Near Me: Top 10 Best Chrome Plating in Los Angeles

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Chrome plating is becoming very popular recently, especially among cars, cutleries, vases, and more. So, I would not be surprised if anyone is searching for Chrome plating Near me. Before we get into more details on Chrome plating Near me, let me first of all highlight to you what chrome Plating is.

Chrome Plating Near Me

What is Chrome plating? Also recognized as chromium plating, it is the finishing process that has to do with the application of Chromium onto the surface of a metal workpiece or object. Chrome plating is mainly used in wheels, doorknobs, cutlery, and a variety of manufacturing applications.

Basics of Chrome Plating

How does Chrome plating work exactly? It’s essentially an electroplating technique that, like other electroplating techniques, that needs an electrical charge.

In other to apply one layer of Chromium into a workpiece or object, a manufacturing company is expected to apply an electrical charge to a tub or a container that is totally filled with chromium anhydride.

The electrical charge would then trigger a chemical reaction that would lead to chromium deposits itself onto the surface of the workpiece or object.

Chrome Plating Near me

Currently, there are lots of Chrome plating locations in Nigeria, basically, if you go to the web searching for the nearest place to Chrome plate your stuff, then your search is over because I would be giving you all the best locations for Chrome Plating near m In Nigeria.

Fine Chemicals Nigeria

This Company in offers a top-notch Chrome plating service that would blow your mind. The company has a state electroplating technology that ensures chrome plating of the finest thickness. The company’s chrome plating is accompanied by Buffing and polishing confirming to the highest best possible standards. 

Fine Chemicals Nigeria is located at Oshodi Apapa Expressway Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria. P.O.Box 73004. They also offer other chemical services aside from Chrome plating.


DASCO provides a variety of amazing engineering services, and one of them happens to be Chrome Plating. DASCO provides full-fledge coat chrome plating solutions. This company provides the strength and shine that is required to give you the perfect finished products.

DASCO is located on at No 3. Akanni Doherty Street, Off Oba Akran, (Guinness) Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

TATCHROME Electroplating Company

TATCHROME does a lot more than just Chrome plating. They do Zinc Plating, Brass Plating, Hard Chrome, and more. The company offers metal and non-metal finishing, Coating, and electroplating services, of high quality. 

TATCHROME is located at MG24/30 inside the former Jamil Yogurts Factory along Nnamdi Azikiwe expressway Bakin Ruwa.


This another company in Nigeria that deals in the Plating of metals. Nigeriagalvanizing offers far more than just chrome plating, they also have other top amazing services. The company is located in KM 2, Badagry Express Way in Lagos state.

These four-company stated above have really done a lot of Chrome Plating jobs in the country, and they might probably be the best among all of them. There are still other chrome Plating companies around today, and they include:

  • Shijiazhuang Chrome Jin Chemicals Co., Ltd.
  • Chrome Jin Co., Ltd.
  • Swisstrade Nigeria Limited.
  • Africa Leathers &Co, Ltd.
  • Vr Chrome Oxide.
  • De-unique Gabrix Nigeria Limited.
  • Schistbelts Minerals Ltd.
  • Barken’s Hard Chrome.
  • Chrome Brains.

These companies also offer Chrome plating and other forms of plating services. These plating companies are located in major cities in Nigeria, so locating one near you should not be a problem.


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