Chrome Screenshot: How to Take Screenshots On Chrome Successfully

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Is it possible to take a chrome screenshot? For many years I have always wondered if it was possible to make a chrome screenshot. Well, yes this is possible. I have always thought that it is possible to do whatever one wants to do online. You have just got to know how to find what you are looking for. This is because not everything will be put right in the open for you. Making screenshots on the chrome web browser is something that many people think that it is impossible. Well, this is not the case. And if you are one of these persons, then you are in the right place. I am not only going to tell you that it is possible to take screenshots on the chrome web browser platform, but I also will be showing or directing you on the steps needed.

Chrome Screenshot

Chrome Screenshot

Chrome in all its beauty is seen as one of the best web browsing tools currently in the world. Many would think that Google chrome web browser actually is still missing out on just one core feature it ought to have to make it untouchable which is the ability for it to actually make screenshots. Many people would love to take screenshots of websites they are visiting, but due to the fact that the function or feature is not there, they just can’t wrap their heads around it. What if I told you that there is a way to actually capture screenshots on this web browsing tool? Remember I told you earlier that it is possible.

Here is something most people don’t know about chrome. Chrome has actually got a well built-in command system for capturing screenshots. No app or extension download required here. This command is easy to use, flexible, and at the same time effective if you know what I mean. And guess what, it also works on Mac, Chrome OS, windows, or any other desktop platform that chrome is available and can be used. However there is a catch to this and many persons may see this as a problem, but it really isn’t. This command or function is hidden in a place no normal user can possibly find.

How To Take Screenshots On Chrome

Before I start ditching out instructions to you on how to start taking some chrome screenshots here is something you need to know. It is more like a warning rather. This method will take you to some places or areas on your chrome web browser where, as a regular user shouldn’t do much venturing. This command or function is hidden in or within the chrome developer tools section. And in this section just as you should know, there are lots of advanced stuff hidden and you could easily mess up your browsing session if care is not taken into consideration. To therefore come out of this on top, please stick to the steps that will be shared in this piece.

  • On the Chrome browser, press ctrl – sift – I. Or press Cmd – option – I on mac.
  • Next, press ctrl – shift – P. or Cmd – shift – p on a mac device.
  • Enter the word, screenshot in the bar.

That’s it. You will immediately see a series of screenshot options appear in a panel on the right side of your screen. All you need to do is to select the option you need. Select ‘capture’ area screenshot option if you would love to capture a specific area of the current page. This will let you drag a box more like a snippet around the area you want to save. If you want to capture the entire page, hit the down arrow once and select the capture full-size screenshot option. Hot the up arrow key and select the capture screenshot option if you only want to capture the current visible area. There is also a fourth option, the capture node option. This will capture your file as a regular file image download along the bottom of your browser window.


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