Chrome Version: How To Update Chrome To The Latest Version              

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Do you know the current version of your chrome web browser? If you are one of the many persons currently who do not know, you should. Keeping your chrome version updated at all times is very important and that is why you should know how to keep it updated. But due to a recent survey, a huge chunk of the chrome web browser users all over the world do not know how to check or update their chrome web browsers to the latest version. Well if you are reading this piece right now, then you should know that it is simple and easy and in the curse of this article, everything will be explained to you in detail.

Chrome Version

Chrome Version

The chrome web browser is updated on a regular and this is something you should know. Updates to chrome always happen in the background automatically. And in the process keeping you running things smoothly and securely with the latest features. In this article, I will not only be guiding you on how to update your chrome web browser. But also I will be educating you on how to check the current version of your browser successfully. it is no longer news or something new that the chrome web browser is currently one of the best and most used. And therefore in order to get the best out of this web browsing tool, you need to always be updated with the latest version.

Why You Should Keep Your Chrome Version Updated

There are lots of reasons as to why your browser version of chrome should always be updated. Keeping the browser updated allows you to take advantage of the latest features and security updates available to keep you productive, mobile, and secure at the same time. In terms of security, this browser updates automatically and ensuring that you have the latest security features as soon as they are available. Just as mentioned in the very first paragraph of this piece. This browser updates constantly and in the process, bringing new Google tools into the mix like the one-click translation feature, group tabs, and password checkup. Generally, this browsing tool is designed for speed and efficiency. With this in mind, your browsing experience would be an interesting one and one that could not be so easily forgotten.

How To Update Chrome To The Latest Version

Normally, Chrome updates automatically. The browsing tool always checks for new updates on a regular. And finally, when the update is ready and available. It is applied directly and automatically when your browser is closed and reopened. But however, users can apply a pending update. This will only happen if you haven’t closed your browser in a while. On the Chrome web browser, you will see a pending update. If an update is pending, the pending icon will be colored. Also, if the color is green, it simply means that the update was released less than two days ago. If the icon is orange in color, it means the update was released about 4 days ago. Lastly, if the color is red, the update was released a week ago. To therefore apply the update, close and reopen your chrome web browser.

How To Check Your Version Of Chrome

Now that you have learned how to update your chrome web browser, it is time you also know how o check the version of your chrome web browser. To check you’re your chrome version;

  • Open the Chrome app on your computer.
  • Click the more icon at the top right.
  • Click help and then select the about chrome option.

That’s it!


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