Chrome Video Downloader – How to Use Video Downloader Professional

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What is Chrome Video Downloader?  Ever heard of it or come across it before? If no, then you must be wondering what it does and how can one make use of it? Well, articles like these are here to help you out. So all you need to do read to the end of this post to find out more.

Chrome Video Downloader

There are times when we are on the internet and we come across a video that we want to download. But it is so unfortunate that some website that provides means for us to download them. This is where video downloader or Chrome Video Downloader comes in.

Chrome Video Downloader

Chrome Video Downloader is the solution to the problem of downloading videos on the internet. With Chrome Video Downloader you can download any video of your choice that you find on the internet.

Chrome Video Downloader is several extensions on the Chrome browser web store or app store that you can add to your chrome. Once the extensions have been added to your Chrome it helps to aid the downloading of internet videos.

So when you are having difficulty in downloading any video from the internet then you can make use of any of the Chrome Video Downloader extensions. There are lots of video downloader extensions that you can make use of. In this article, we are going to be listing a few of them out for you to make use of.

Chrome Video Downloader Extension

Like I said above we are going to be giving out a few lists of the best available video downloader extension on chrome.  Listed below are some of them.

  • Video Downloader Professional.
  • Flash Video Downloader.
  • Stream Video Downloader.
  • VGet Extension.
  • Download Vimeo Videos.

Listed above are some of the best video downloader extensions that you can get for your chrome browser.

Add Video Downloader Professional to Your Chrome

We will be using the Video Downloader Professional as a case study on how to make use of the Video Downloader extensions on your chrome. This Video Downloader Professional lets you download videos from website or just add them to your video list without downloading them.  Below are the steps on how to make use of Video Downloader Professional.

  • On your Chrome browser visit the “Chrome Web Store”.
  • On the web store, there is a search bar that allows people to search for what they want. Type in “Video Downloader Professional” and search for it.
  • When the result pops up, click on it and then click on “Add to Chrome”.
  • After clicking on Add to Chrome, a drop-down menu will show telling you to “Add Extension”. Click on it and the extension will be added to your chrome browser.

Once you have added this extension to your chrome you are good to go. When you are on a site that supports video downloading, the video downloader professional will automatically notify you that there is a video available to be downloaded.

How to Use Video Downloader Professional

After you have added the video downloader professional extension to your chrome, the next thing to do is use it too. That should not be a problem for you as we have given the steps on how to make use of it.

  • Once again go to your chrome browser and locate the site from which you want to download a video.
  • Once you are on the site and the video starts playing you will see a “Green Arrow” pointing downward at the top of your chrome browser.
  • Click on the “Green Arrow” and you will see the list of videos available to be downloaded from the website.
  • Click on the download that is by the side of the name of the video and it will start to download to your device.

That is how you can download any video of your choice from any website of your choice. It is a very simple and easy thing to do.

Features of Video Downloader Professional

There are some cool and amazing features of the Video Downloader Professional that you will find interesting and thrilling.  Listed below are some of them.

  • Support MP4, MP3. MOV, AVI, ASF, MPG formats.
  • Easy, fast, and very light to make use of.
  • Can download many videos at the same time.
  • Ability to send the video to your Chromecast and play it on your TV.

These are some of the features that you will enjoy with a video downloader professional.


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