Chrome vs Chromium: Review on Differences and Which is Better

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Having a hard time figuring out which is best; chrome vs chromium? All well, in this chrome vs chromium review, I will be weighing down the options and give you a better insight into their difference.

In other, for you to understand better and find out more, you need to pay attention and read on to learn.

Chrome vs Chromium

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As most of you must have known, Chrome is a great browser service or tool that was developed by Google and it is actually one of the best to use. So, what then is Chromium? And there’s only one way to find, read on.

Chrome vs Chromium

Chrome is a web browser that was developed by Google and it is without a doubt, dominating the global market. It is actually the undisputed leader and shows no signs of stepping down from that position. Chromium on the other hand is a free open-source software project that was created by Google too.

Both Chrome and Chromium make use of the same source code, however with fewer extra features and add ons. In this article, we’ll be talking about the pros and cons of both services.


Chrome is a proprietary browser that was developed by Google. And because the service is proprietary, anyone is free to download and use it, but the code cannot be decompiled, reverse engineered, or used to build other projects.

Chrome is built on Chromium, which means that Google developers take the open-source Chromium source code and add their proprietary code.


Chromium is an open-source web browser developed and maintained by the Chromium Projects and by an open-source means anyone is free to modify the source code as they please.

However, only trusted members of the Chromium Project development community can contribute code or change it. Regular users can download a frequently updated version of Chromium, compiled and ready to use.

Pros and Cons

Chrome Pros;

  • Chrome updates automatically.
  • It has inbuilt support for media codecs.
  • It is trusted and very stable and easier to use.


  • There is no support for extensions that are not found at the Chrome Web Store.
  • Your browsing history is been tracked and also your data.

Chromium Pros;

  • Chromium is open source for everyone.
  • Your data or browsing history is not tracked.
  • Frequent updates are been added.


  • There is no built-in support for media codecs.
  • Updates on Chromium are been done manually, which means they are manually downloaded and installed.

Platforms Download Link

If you wish to download each of the services, then here are the links to use and access them;

There you have it.

There’s isn’t much difference between the two browsers. In the case of chrome vs chromium, the advantages of one are the disadvantages of the other which are quite funny. However, both are very great browser services that you can use. 

Chrome vs Chromium: Which is Better?

Now, that’s a tricky one to answer as both are similar and open for all to use. And also, each has its own benefits that make it very great and interesting to use. The choice of deciding which is better and which to make use of is yours to make. You have to decide which one you’d like to use.


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