Chronological Feed. Chronological means showing the accurate time an event or an action took place. It also gives in detail how the history of things that happened was arranged accordingly.

Chronological Feed

Chronological Feed

Chronological feed means the description of display content in social media platforms. It is used to show the number of people posts that you are following on social media accordingly.

Instagram Chronological Feed

It lets you choose the posts that should be on top-up of your feed and it is most effective on “favourites”. It allows you to see everything that concerns your feed in chronological order.

The chronological feed shows the display content about your posts such as the amount of like, the date on which the post was posted, the past interactions between the poster and the likers.

The coming Back of Chronological Feed on Instagram

Instagram CEO is known as Adam Mosseri announce the coming back of the chronological feed option on Instagram. And the chronological feed option will be released the next year 2022.

This time around there will be a great difference between it present and the first time it was released. It will be easy and simple for users to use now.

How To Arrange Your Instagram Feed? | Chronological Feed Social Media

Follow the below steps to arrange your Instagram photo on Instagram feed;

  • Update your mobile device (i0s or android)
  • Visit the “schedule” tab of the Instagram
  • Go to the top menu and choose your Instagram account
  • Select the “view Grid” option of i0s or you can select the “preview” option of android
  • Place your finger on any photo until it drops on the edited photo
  • move photo of your choice either left to right or from top to bottom
  • Click on “save” image
  • Now, your photo will be rearranged in an orderly according to the way you want.

Above are steps to arrange your Instagram feed.

How To Rearrange Existing Instagram Photos?

Follow the below steps to rearrange your existing Instagram photo;

  • Firstly, Upload the number of videos and photos of your choice
  • Now, rearrange the order of your posts, then
  • You have to design the feed very well,
  • Edit all your photos
  • Lastly, prepare your hashtags

Above are steps to rearrange your old Instagram.

How do I get my Facebook feed in chronological order on my mobile phone?

  • Open your mobile device
  • Go to your Facebook account and open it
  • Click on the “menu” icon that has three lines displayed at the top right side of the Facebook app
  • Scroll down and click on “see more”
  • Click on the box that is labelled “recent and favourites”
  • Now, you can now see all recent posts in order

Above are the steps to get a recent post on your Facebook in order with your phone.

How do I get my Facebook Feed Chronologically on PC?

Follow the below steps;

  • Turn on desktop
  • Click the “home” icon at the top of the desktop
  • Click on “See More” inside the left menu
  • Scroll down until you find “Most Recent” and click on it
  • Lastly, all recent posts will be shown in order

Above are the steps to access your Facebook feed in chronological order.


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