Citigold is a premium bank account package offered by Citibank which is one of the top banks in the world. With over 1 trillion dollars worth of assets, Citibank is one of the biggest in the whole wide world with branches all over. As a result of being a gigantic financial institution, they offer services to a wide variety of customers. One of the services they offer is in the Citigold Account Package.


In this article, we are taking a closer and deeper dive into the Citigold account priority package. I am going to be showing you basically everything you need to know about this banking account in layman’s terms. After that, we are going to take a look at the requirements of Citigold, how to apply for a city gold account and finally how to access your account.


For people that are rich and well-to-do looking for a way to continue investing their money instead of just dumping it in any bank, Citigold is for you. This is an account that is strictly for the rich in other words people that are of high net worth who wish to continue investing. Rather than having their money sit in a bank where it does not provide any interest this set of people go for the Citigold banking account.

This account is the most premium of all bank accounts that Citibank has to offer its customers. Citigold account offers personalized wealth management services which give individuals any accounts investment options. When the account is open for you, you will be assigned a personal account manager to help you invest your money properly and make interest and profits.

Citigold Banking

The Citigold banking account is an account that is opened for the elite class of society. It is an account that gives everybody owning it personalized wealth management. What this means is that everybody having this account has access to Citi bank’s wealth management services. Which will show them how to invest where to invest how to plug loopholes in their investment and so much more.

It is basically an investment banking account for people that do not just want their money to sit idle. Opening this account is not for the poor as I have mentioned is only for the rich. There is only one requirement that you need to fulfil to open and continue using this account. Although if it’s just one requirement it is a pretty hefty requirement.

Citigold Banking Requirements

If you can already guess by now I have said several times in this article that this bank is for the rich and people that are of high net worth. Because the package is only offered to them, in light of this there is just one requirement anybody looking to operate this account needs to have. The requirement is pretty hefty but the benefits are so much more than you can ever think of.

The requirement is simply to open and continuously operate the Citigold banking account. You need to have a deposit of at least 200,000 dollars. Yes, you saw that right you need a minimum of 200,000 dollars before you will be able to apply to have this bank account because the benefits are so much.

This is the reason why I said this bank is only for the elite class which are people with high net worth. It is a pretty basic requirement and nothing else is required of you. As long as you have the deposit amount to spare your account will be created for you.

Benefits of Citigold

Just as the way the requirement of opening this account with Citibank is huge the benefits are also huge and heavy as well. There are so many benefits of having a Citigold account that we cannot all list in this article. The major benefit is that you have access to Citibank’s personalized words services. This is the service that will help you increase and improve your Wealth and make you richer.

That being said below are some of the benefits of the Citigold account:

  • Provide you with a team of advisors.
  • Access to your account managers and Citi Personal Wealth Financial Advisor.
  • Management of funds.
  • Optimization of funds.
  • You gain access to Citi Clarity.
  • Have access to Citi’s proprietary financial planning process.
  • Helping you understand and navigate the risk involved with your investment.
  • Gives you access to a wealth plan and strategy.
  • Access to a treasury specialist to get advice on treasury products.
  • Access to online Citibank total wealth advisors.

Above are just a few of the benefits of having a Citibank account at your disposal. Now that you are very interested let’s take a look at how to apply for a Citigold account.

Citigold Banking Account Application

To apply for a city gold banking account is very easy all you need to do is access the Citibank website and assess the Citigold information. All the banking packages of Citibank are listed on the website so you need to access the one for Citigold to apply. To apply follow the below procedure exactly:

  • First-off launch any browser on your device.
  • Using that browser head over to the Citigold banking account link directly
  • You need to scroll down on YouTube and click on apply now.
  • Now provide your name full name first name and every other detail required of you.
  • Finally, scroll down and click on the request a call.

Note that before clicking on the request a call you should have the Citigold requirement of two hundred thousand dollars with you to open the account. After clicking on the request a call you will be immediately contacted by your account manager to start up the setup process.

Citigold Banking App

Did you know that you can easily access your city gold account just by downloading the Citibank application from the Android or iOS store? With mobile banking applications like Citibank, application banking has been made easy all you need to do is download and install the. In this case, you can easily access your Citigold account by logging in after downloading the app.

How to download and install the Citibank Application

Follow the below procedure to do so:

  • Launch your Android or iOS device and head over to the app store or Play store.
  • Type and search for Citibank.
  • Download and install the application.
  • Launch the application can enter your account details.
  • Finally follow the on-screen instructions to log in to your account.

if you do that correctly you will be successfully logged into your account and can now access all the benefits of mobile banking. So make sure to follow the steps correctly in order to successfully download and install the application.


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