You don’t have to be surprised when you come across this topic on Clean Master App. This app is mostly seen on smartphones like Android phones if you are using a smartphone like Android you should know what clean master is and what it is used for.

I have also noticed that it is not everybody that makes use of smartphones, maybe some just bought their first smartphone. They may be seeing the clean master on their device but they don’t know the use. Right in this article as long as you are reading through this article right now, I assure you that you are going to find the use of this app.

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Clean Master App

What is the clean master? We have been seeing this app on our devices but we never think of opening the app. To check on it to see what it does if it is something that will be of help to our devices no one knows. To begin with, a clean master app is an app on every smartphone most especially Android phones.

If you are using an Android smartphone, you should be able to see the clean master app or application on it. So, the use of this app on my Android phone is what should be on your mind whenever you see some kind of app on your smartphone.

The clean master app is an application like I said, this application is not just placed on your Android device for nothing. It helps your Android phone to work smoothly. You see at times; we do complain about slow movement or operation service on our smartphones. We ask ourselves why is my phone slow or freezing when operating it but we never check to see what the problem is.

Do you know that with this clean master that I am talking about? You can make your smartphone to be faster than it was before “HOW” should be your next question. The clean master helps us to free our smartphone space whenever our phone is running on a slow operating system or freezing. It helps to speed up our phone memory for it to run very fast. And move more smoothly than you can ever imagine. In some devices, you may not see it as a clean master but as a phone master.

Phone Master

What is phone master, you may be confused if you come across this app on your phone also? But there is one thing that is common with the clean master and the phone master. And that thing is that phone master is also known as a clean master. Just that the name was now changed from clean master to phone master. Know that both names mean the same thing, so whenever you see a clean master or phone master on your Android phone know that they are the same. You don’t have to confuse yourself when you see any on the name.

Uses of Clean Master

Here you will find the use of the clean master. And with these uses that I am about to list here, you will know what clean master is used for and you can start using it on your smartphone.

  • It helps to free up your phone memory space for your phone to work smoothly and perfectly.
  • It can also be used to clear and wipe off junk files from your phone.
  • Again, it also supports the use of CPU cooling. This means that you can use this app to cool off your smartphone whenever your device temperature is high.
  • You can also use this app to scan viruses. If there are viruses on your smartphone with the help of this clean master you can detect or scan viruses on your device.
  • Power saving mode.
  • Clean Master is an application that also has an app lock feature. This means you can use this app to lock your files on your device.
  • Smart or fast charging feature to help your device charging ability to be very fast.
  • You can also use the clean master or phone master to check your data management to see the amount of data that you have used.

These are some of the uses of clean master or phone master. But there are still so many features consigning this app. When you access this app. You will see all the features and what this app is capable of doing for your smartphone. Now, let’s talk about where and how to download the app before I will like to talk about how to make use of it. Before you can use this clean master app, you have to download the app first.

How to Download Clean Master

Downloading the clean master app into your smartphone is very easy if only you know the steps to follow. Before proceeding with the steps. I want to tell you guys that the clean master is an app that can be seen on smartphones. You may see it as a clean master or phone master. Just know that both of them do the same thing. If you don’t find any of the apps on your smartphone, you can download them. follow the steps below to see how you can download this app onto your smartphone.

  • Go to the app market on your smartphone which is the Appstore on your device.
  • Click the search box and type in “Clean master” or “Phone master”.
  • The app will display on the result page, click on the app and click the download or install button there.

These are the steps on how you can download the clean master or phone master app on your Appstore. Now how to access it.

How to Use Clean Master

Follow the steps below to use the clean master app.

  • After downloading the app, install it and then click on the app on your application menu on your smartphone.
  • Then you will find all the features on it and you are free to access any of the features after accessing the app.

With these steps, you can use the clean master or phone master app on your device.


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