Climate Trackers Southeast Asia Media Research Fellowship 2020 For Young Researchers is a trending opportunity for researchers. It is one of the most recognized media programs all over the world.

Climate Trackers Southeast Asia Media Research Fellowship 2020 For Young Researchers

Are you looking for a program on how you can track your stolen items? Have you been looking for a research media tracker? Or you need an oversized knowledge about the Asia climate tracker?

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Climate trackers explore the green transition through experience young media researchers. Participants will be trained on custom-designed and mentorship online.  Media cutting –edge training is also part of the training.

Climate Trackers Southeast Asia Media Research Fellowship 2020 For Young Researchers

Climate trackers Southeast Asia media research fellowship is an amazing and a golden opportunity for young researchers to learn media skills. The applicants have lot of things to enjoy. They can gain online free training to help them master their media skills and experience. Selected applicants will be the chance to work with some of the biggest environmental and climate change-related organizations etc.

All applicants should be to understand the region clearer for media development. They will also upgrade their skills with the training they will give them during the cause of their study or training.

Climate Trackers Southeast Asia Media Research Fellowship Competition2020

The climate trackers’ competition is peculiar to the Asia region. The completion is majorly targeted t five dynamic winners. These winners must be young researchers with media experience.

The research will be based on an emphasis on developing a clearer understanding of the region’s media. Coverage of this theme and will involve interviews. The interviews will be down long side with several journalists to identify their challenges, needs for support, and capacity building.

Applicant and participant will be trained on how to develop and manage database practice, research ethics standards and limitations Assess, map research plane, etc.

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Eligibility And Benefits Of Climate Tracker Southeast Media Research

Climate trackers are currently seeking application into its research media program. Applicants must be in the age bracket of eighteen and thirty-five years.  An applicant who has a background in the environmental field will have an upper hand.

Some of the benefits of the climate tracker are;

  • How to build and develop a database
  • Assessing research limitations and ethics
  • Map researching
  • How to analyze collected data

You will also have the privilege to upgrade your potentials with relevant skills like visualized data training, journalism tools in transparency, and information tools.

Climate Tracker Sign Up

To apply to the climate tracker follow the following steps;

  • Visit
  • Click on sign up
  • Enter your first name and second name
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Select your country
  • Choose your password
  • You Click on sign up

have successfully signed up. Here, you can view the competitions. To fodder apply for the competition just click on begin the competition.

Climate Tracker Sign In

To sign in to your account follow these steps;

  • Visit
  • Click on the log in
  • Enter your e-mail
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the log in button

You can view your profile with the climate tracker. You can also reset your password for your own security demand. All you need is click on reset on the official website after clicking login or signup.

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