CMA CGM is a world leader in transport and logistics committed to energy transition. The company works daily to reduce the environmental impacts of its maritime and land activities.

So if you are searching for container shipping, then CMA CGM is a great option you should probably try out. CMA CGM offers end-to-end business solutions and helps manage all aspects of the transport chain in a real-time, interactive, and secure online environment.



Following the nomination of Rodolphe Saade as the Chairman & CEO in 2007 and the launch of OCEAN ALLIANCE, CMA CGM has entered a new era with some strategic goals which I will be listing in this post. To find out you need to read on. CMA CGM is actually a French container transportation and shipping company. It is actually a leading shipping group worldwide.

This company makes use of up to 200 shipping routes between 420 ports in 150 different countries. CMA CGM is ranked fourth after Maersk Line, MSC, and COSCO Shipping Lines. The company has headquarters in Marseille and its North American headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, United States. As I said earlier, CMA CGM has entered a new era with some strategic goals, now let’s look at the goals.


The company entered a new era with four strategic goals, include;

Customer Centricity

The company listens to its customers and also anticipates their needs through innovative partnerships. Also, it offers intelligent solutions for a smooth, serene business-building journey.

Maritime, Inland, And Logistics Development

CMA CGM simplifies and optimizes container shipping and transport right across the supply chain in order to take care of customers and their cargo end to end.

Innovation And Digitalization

It delivers customers with an outstanding experience through made-to-measure products, value-added services, cutting-edge eco-technologies, state-of-the-art digitalization, and start-up support.

Agile Organization & Human Expertise

Nurture and develop the company’s diverse team in-house, at sea, and on the ground. CMA CGM group actively encourages all the employees to take initiative and innovate.

Now you have the strategic goals of the CMA CGM company. Let’s move on to other subsidiaries of the company.

CMA CGM Subsidiaries

Here are the subsidiaries of CMA CGM;

Other Maritime activities;

  • Australia National Lines ANL (Oceania, Asia, Europe & US Trades).
  • Comanav (passenger ferry and container services from Morocco to Europe).
  • US Lines (US Based tans-Pacific container Line).
  • Cheng Lie Navigation Co.Ltd (Intra Asia container line based in Singapore).
  • Containerships (Short Sea Shipping Company).
  • APL/NOL (Singapore-based container line).

Terminal Activities;

  • Terminal Line – container terminals developer and operator
  • CMA Terminals Holding.

Intermodal Activities and Logistics;

  • Progeco (container: sales, leasing & repairing)
  • CMA CGM Logistics
  • Rail Link
  • River Shuttle Containers

Another support activity is CMA Ships, a wholly-owned subsidiary managing all fleet-related operations.

CMA CGM Tracking Container

CMA CGM allows customers to track their containers using the app or website. To track your container with CMA CGM, go to CMA CGM Tracking order and select the search by. Then enter your References into the text field that will be provided for it. If the references are correctly imputed, the results will be shown.


The CMA CGM app allows you to track and trace your containers to plan your transport with fast and easy schedule information. Also, with the app, you can get informed about the latest news right on your smartphone. It offers a clearer and a simpler user-friendly new interface that makes it easier for you to understand and use. Using the CMA CGM app, you can;

  • Track or Find your container with Shipment tracking.
  • Look up specific vessel schedules, voyages, or use of routing finder.
  • Bookmark and share.
  • Stay up to date with the latest news
  • Get to contact CMA CGM easily

There are other things you can do with the app, but firstly, you need to install the application on your device. It is compatible with any device so that means you can get it on your Android device or iOS device.

Download CMA CGM App

The application is simple and very fast to be downloaded. Follow the instructions below to get the ap;

  • Open your App Store and enter CMA CGM on the search space.
  • From the result of the search, tap on the first CMA CGM app to load its information page.
  • Tap on Install to the app right on your smartphone.

CMA CGM app will be immediately downloaded and installed into your smartphone. Now all you have to do is to create an account or sign in if you already have an account.


To use the Shipping service, you have to be logged into your account and that can be done by following the steps below;

  • Go to the CMA CGM Login page and enter your email address and password.
  • Then hit on “Sign In”.

Your CMA CGM account will be logged in immediately and if you don’t have an account, you can simply request an account. That can be done by hitting on “Request an Account” on the login page.

How To Create A CMA CGM Account

Creating a login detail with this company is simple and fast. Follow below to sign up for the account;

  • Go to CMA CGM registration.
  • Choose your language.
  • Then enter your email, and create a password.
  • Enter your first name, last name, phone number, and then choose a department.
  • Provide your company name, type, address, city, Zip code, country/region, and V.A.T Number.
  • Then accept the CMA CGM Privacy Policy and hit “Submit”.

After the submission, your account will be created but to confirm, follow the on-screen instructions that will be shown.


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