Coke Studio 2020 – Coke Studio 2020 Pakistan

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Do you want some updates on coke studio 2020? If you are then you are in the right place. Will coke studio Africa be returning for another season this year, 2020? Well, there is nothing concrete yet about a news season of coke Africa studio with the coronavirus and all, but one thing we all for sure is that the music will never stop. The last season which started airing in February 2019 is the latest of the coke studio Africa show. But one thing fans all over the world have been curious about is if the show will be returning to their screens in the year 2020. No doubt the New Year 2020 has come with a lot of surprises and a whole lot has had to be put on hold due to safety from the coronavirus and all.

Coke Studio 2020

Coke Studio 2020

The question of whether the coke studio Africa will be returning to your TVs and screens this year 2020 is still a big puzzle as no one is certain right now. But whatever the ruling maybe I don’t think there will be any surprises there. But if on the other hand, it returns to our TV and screens it will be welcome news and it will also make a lot of persons really happy.  Since nothing concrete has been made or put on the table you can however enjoy some fine relics from the previous coke studio Africa shows and seasons.

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But as we keep on waiting on some news and affirmation on the return of the coke studio Africa for a new season this 2020, lets me be educating our new readers on what the coke studio show is really all about. The coke studio Africa show is a music show. And unlike most music shows, this very show is a non-competitive collaborative show. Since Africa is a very diverse land in terms of food, culture, tradition, languages, sounds, music and so much more, this program and show aims to unite and bring together the diversity in African music and talent. This show and program also serve as a platform for upcoming artists in the music industry in Africa. With this platform this up and coming artists will get the chance to work with some of the best in the music scene both locally and internationally.

Now, something you should know about these artists in this program. These artists are garnered from various genres, eras, and regions from all across Africa. They are therefore put in pairs and made to produce something unique and beautiful in this modern age and style. In the process of these pairings, these artists get to learn new languages and cultures and also in the process learn about new sounds.

Coke Studio 2020 Pakistan

The coke studio program and show is an initiative that is not only operational in Africa. This program and show is also available in other regions of the world such as Pakistan, India, the Middle East, and the Philippines. The coke studio Pakistan is on the 12th season already. The 12th season is already on the 6th episode excluding the premier show. To get access to the coke studio Pakistan go to Coke studio Pakistan.  The featured artists on this year’s episode include;

  • Abrar ul Haq.
  • Aima Baig.
  • Ali Sethi.
  • Atif Aslam.
  • Banurs band.
  • Barkat jamal fakir troupe.
  • Fareed ayaz and abu Muhammad.
  • Fariha Parvez.
  • Hadiqa Kiani.
  • Harsakhiyan.
  • Kashifuddin.
  • Nimra Rafiq.
  • Qurat Alain balouch.
  • Rachel viccaji.
  • Rahat Ali khan.
  • Sahir Ali Bagga.
  • Sanam marvi.
  • Shahab Hussain.
  • Shamali afghan.
  • Shuja Haider.
  • Umair Jaiswal.
  • Zoe viccaji.
  • Zebunnisa bangash.

These are the featured artists in this year’s coke studio Pakistan season.

How To Stream And Watch The Coke Studio 2020

Watching the coke studio program is very easy. When this show and program first started out, access and streaming were only restricted to TVs. But with the development and diversity in streaming channels these days, you could easily get access to this program on numerous platforms both on TV and online. The coke studio has an online presence on most social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. You can check them up on these platforms or better still check them up on search engines such as Google and Bing.

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