Coke Studio Nigeria – Why You Should Watch The Coke Studio Africa


Have you heard of the coke studio Nigeria show? If you haven’t heard of this one then you should have heard of the coke Africa studio show? Well if you have heard of this show or even watched it on the TV then you should know that this show is one of the best musical shows in Africa and Nigeria. Africa as a continent is one that is so full of opportunities. Besides it being filled with opportunities it is also riddled with diverse cultures, sounds, tribes, and sights. When it comes to beauty, Africa is at the top spot and if you are an African then you would agree with me.

Coke Studio Nigeria

Coke Studio Nigeria

‘Where music meets’, the famous coke studio Africa slogan is more than just a slogan, it means more. Nigeria normally called the giant of Africa is a nation with diverse cultures, tribes, and languages. One can easily say that the nation is divided, but this is not entirely true. Nigeria with all its diversities is still one of the most peaceful nations in the continent. When it comes to Nigeria there is never a dull moment as everything makes sense. From the food, tradition, sounds, and music, to cultures and sights, the nation is really beautiful. Now away from how beautiful Nigeria is, what is the connection with this nation and the coke studio show? Well, this has everything to do with this show and if you want to find out, then you need to continue reading as everything will be explained in due course.

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Coke Studio Africa

The coke studio Africa is a music show and this is where music meets. Do you know what I meant by the latter? Africa as a continent is one of the most colorful ever. Every nation in the continent has its own unique sound and this is where the coke studio Africa show comes into play. This show is all about collaboration. Have you heard the collaboration between nasty c of South Africa and runtown of Nigeria? If you haven’t then you should try to get it for your listening pleasure. The song and collaboration was developed by the coke studio and this is what this show and platform is all about. The coke studio Africa show aims to bring diverse sounds across Africa in a mash-up.

Music is one of Africa’s strongest power points. This show is all about connecting and engaging with young adults and teens across Africa. This show has been running concurrently for five years now. Since the show came into limelight, it has been gaining popularity as it gets to be airing in more markets and not just airing on TVs alone, the coke studio Africa music show is currently airing across 30 countries in the continent of Africa. The aim of this show is straight forward. One of the aims of this show is to break the divide or boundaries between the African music scène. Music has been a unifying factor for a long time and this show aims to explore that idea. This show is not just about the music as it also aims to explore the culture and audience.

Many people may see this platform as a competitive platform, but it is not so. This platform is more like a collaborative platform. It brings independent musicians to work together. Without this platform, these artists would never have met to make collaboration on something beautiful. This tool mixes genres to make or form a new genre and the end result will be something beautiful.

Where To Air Coke Studio Africa

When the show started, it was mostly or completely aired on TVs. But with the diversification and changes in the media, the show can now be gotten on various platforms across the internet. A very important place on the internet where you can get this show is YouTube. When you visit the YouTube platform, you can search for the coke studio Africa and videos related to the show will be presented to you via search results.

Why You Should Watch The Coke Studio Africa

The coke studio Africa show is a very entertaining show to watch. This show is more than just music and songs. This show will broaden your knowledge of sounds and cultures across Africa. As a young artist, you will also get the chance to feature on the program and get to meet other great talents in the industry.

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