Columbia University Admissions. Are you seeking a standard University for your studies? Attending a great school has a way of influencing one’s way of life, especially when you attend University with great scholars as lectures.

Columbia University

Columbia University is one of New York’s best places for learning and acquiring knowledge. The prestigious private research University was established in the 1754 century and has continued to groom and improved its standard over the years. Keep reading this article to get more information on Columbia University, admissions, ranking, and others.

Columbia University

As I earlier mentioned, the Columbia University is a private institution that was established in 1754. The school has about 6,245 undergraduate enrollment and operates with a semester-based academic calendar. In the 2021 edition of Best College in National Universities, the Columbia University ranked no. 3.

However, the institution is located in New York, playing a big role in the economy of the state. Also, the University community puts up a “Greenmarket” every Thursday and Sunday of the month for local farmers to sell their produce for residents of the city. Also, around April to November Hodgson’s farm joins the market to bring in a large selection of plants and blooming flowers. The school spends about 36 percent of its food budget on local products, they serve harvested seafood and fair trade coffee on campus. This and many other has rated the school a B+ for its environmental and sustainability initiative.

The school offers transportation services for its community, buses are open to all Columbia faculty, students, Dodge Fitness center members, and for anyone with a Columbia ID card.


The University of Columbia’s main campus is at Morningside Heights campus. The administrative block and admissions officers are in Hamilton Hall and directors of the Core Curriculum.

Butler Library houses over 2 million volumes of the University’s humanities collection. Recently the facility was renovated for 4 years, a new wing was created and named after Philip L. Milstein in his honor.

All students at Columbia College are guaranteed campus housing for up to four years. Engineering students are residence at Morningside Heights, the first-year undergraduate are on the main quad in John Jay Carman, Wallach, Hartley, and Furnald halls. The two main dining facilities are John Jay Dining hall and Ferris Booth Commons, and a recently remodeled student center, Alfred Lermer Hall and Uris Hall dining hall.

The University Campus renders series of services for students which includes nonremedial tutoring, placement service, health insurance, and health service. Also, the University offers campus safety and security services, including 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, 24-hour emergency telephones services, late-night transport/escort services, lighted pathways/sidewalks, and controlled dormitory access(security card, key, etc.)


Columbia University admissions are one of the most selective schools with a rate of acceptance of about 5%. About half of the applicants that applied are admitted into the University. Each of these students has SAT score between 1450 and 1570 or an ACT score of 33 and 35. Admission into the Columbia University is by January.

However, international students have separate admissions processes and requirements for admission at Columbia University. They need to submit the following documents for admission:

  • English language proficiency proof [TOEFL iBT, IELTS, DET(Duolingo English Test)]
  • Official transcripts
  • Additional program-specific documents like recommendations, resume etc
  • Evidence of Financial support
  • Copy of the biographical page of the passport
  • Essay and or SOP for the US
  • Letters of recommendation to study in the US

Scores of the test are to be reported directly to the University testing service.

Undergraduate Admissions

The Columbia University offers over 80 programs in Bachelor to international students. This includes Applied Mathematics, Art History, Visual Arts, Financial Economics, Data Science, Computer Science, Information Science, and Music. The admission fee is $85. The academic requirements for international applicants include the following:

  • Autobiographical information
  • Personal Essay
  • Official high-school transcripts
  • A list of student’s activities, achievements, employment, etc.
  • School profile
  • One recommendation from the high school’s counselor
  • Completed Mid-Year report
  • SAT/ACT test scores
  • Test Scores if Standardized exams to study in the USA
  • Teacher recommendation (from the teachers who taught you in the discipline
  • For Engineering applicants, one letter should be from a science or maths teacher.

Ensure that all extra curriculum pursuits are contained within the activities section of the admission application in a brief manner.

Graduate Admissions Requirements

The Graduate programs admissions are offered in the field of Arts, Science, business, medical, public affairs, journalism, Professional studies, engineering, etc.

International applicants requirements are as follows:

  • All academic transcripts
  • Relevant undergraduate degree as specified by the program
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letters of Recommendations for Ms in the US
  • Standardized tests scores, from GRE Or GMAT or LST
  • All other program-specific additional requirements

Applicants must take note that Engineering, Science, and other academic research work in the related field will need to provide an abstract in one or two-page supplement.

To get more details on admission processes from the Columbia University visit their official website at


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