COSCO Shipping is an abbreviation of China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company. It deals with shipping operations since 1961. The offers services to its clients home and across the globe. I know you may have heard of lots of Shipping companies and may not have known the COSCO Shipping company.

 COSCO Shipping

In this article, I will give you detailed information about this shipping company. Also, I will discuss COSCO Shipping App, COSCO Portal, COSCO Containers, and many others. Keep reading this article for all the above-mentioned information and more.


COSCO Shipping Company

As mentioned before, COSCO is the abbreviation of China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company. Before now it was a Chinese state-owned shipping and logistics services supplier company. The company is headquartered in Ocean Plaza in the Xicheng District in Beijing. The company owns over 1114 Ships, including 365 dry bulk vessels. A fleet of containers with a capacity of 1,580,000 twenty-four equivalent units (TEU), Tankers fleet of about 120 vessels.

The company owns over a thousand ports globally. The rank third largest Shipping company in terms of containers and the aggregate container volume worldwide. At some point, it was the largest dry bulk carrier in China and one of the largest bulk dry shipping operators globally.

Additionally, the group is the largest liner carrier in China. In 2012, the Shipping company was ranked China’s Top 15 brands. In February 2016, the COSCO Group merged with China Shipping Group to firm China COSCO Shipping.

COSCO shipping has seven other subsidiaries listed companies and about 300 other subsidiaries that operate locally and internationally. These are the seven listed companies of COSCO:

  • Hong Kong: China international Marine containers (Group) Co. Ltd. (H Shares).
  • Hong Kong: COSCO Pacific Ltd.
  • Hong Kong: China COSCO Holdings Co. Ltd. (H Shares).
  • Singapore: COSCO Corporation (Singapore) Limited.
  • Hong Kong: COSCO International Holdings Ltd.
  • Shanghai: China COSCO Holdings Co. Ltd. (A-Shares).
  • Shenzhen: China International Marine Containers (Group) Co. Ltd.
  • Shenzhen: China International Marine Containers (Group) Co. Ltd. (B Shares).
  • Japan: COSCO Shipping Lines (Japan) Co., Ltd.

COSCO Shipping Company Services

The shipping company is known for its coverage worldwide. The company offers its coverage extensively from South America, Asia, China, Australia, India Europe, and Africa as a whole. The shipping company carries millions of tons of cargo on a daily basis. Offering its clients fast, reliable, and regular connections to all hooks and crannies of the globe.

It gives its clients a good range of services as shown below:

  • Shipbuilding.
  • Container manufacturing.
  • Freight forwarding.
  • Trade.
  • Ship repair.
  • Terminal operation.
  • Financing.
  • Real Estate.
  • Information technology.

COSCO Shipping App

The COSCO Shipping app is a mobile app developed is to bring more ease and a simple service experience to COSCO customers. You can get the COSCO Shipping app in App stores and on Google Play Store. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

COSCO Shipping App Features

Below are the features of this versatile company;

  • With the COSCO Shipping app, users can get information on Cargo tracking, customs information, global offices, Sailing schedules.
  • This mobile app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch.
  • The app comes with features including family sharing. This allows family members up to six persons to use the app.
  • It has language features, you can choose the one suitable for you but majorly English, French, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.
  • Optimization of App security mechanism.
  • Geographic information display optimization.
  • Also, you can get the latest information and search for available routes for your cargo.
  • You can also track your cargo and get the current status of your shipping.
  • On the app, you can get all the News and information about the COSCO Shipping company.
  • You can also search for any COSCO office near you.

COSCO Shipping Login

To login into your account, you created it on the COSCO Shipping website. You will use the following steps:

  • Get to the website of COSCO Shipping lines login Here.
  • On the page, you will see the User login section.
  • To log in enter your Username and password.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA and solve the security Math question.
  • Next, click on the “ Log In” button.

China Shipping Container tracking

Tracking your shipping on the COSCO Shipping platform is very easy. Follow these steps below:

  • Get to the website at
  • On the platform navigate to the “ Track “ icon at the top of the homepage.
  • Click on the track, from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your shipment, Bill of lading, or container number.
  • And click on the “Track” button.

COSCO Shipping Business Sector

COSCO Shipping is comprised of seven business clusters. The shipping industrial cluster namely, shipping, logistics, shipping finance, Equipment manufacturing, shipping services, social services, Internet, and Business. COSCO Shipping Holdings Co. Ltd is the container Shipping subsidiary of COSCO Shipping.

May 2020, the COSCO Shipping line was rated the World’s third-largest container carrier in vessel capacity, with over 1.8 million TEU operating. Other components of the COSCO Shipping industrial cluster are:

  • Oil and Gas Shipping.
  • Terminal operation.
  • Passenger liner services.
  • Dry bulk cargo shipping.

Shipping Services Industrial Cluster

  • Shipping Technology Research and development.
  • Ship management.
  • Seafarers labor service.
  • Bunker fuel supply.

Shipping Finance industrial cluster

  • Ship chartering.
  • Container leasing.
  • Non-Shipping leasing.

Logistics industrial cluster

Social services industrial cluster

  • Real Estate development
  • Hospitals
  • Hotel management

Internet and Business clusters

  • Information technology

Equipment manufacturing industrial cluster

  • COSCO SHIPPING Heavy industry.

COSCO Shipping has recorded lots of benchmark achievements since it begins. In the year 2020 COSCO Shipping vessel fleet was rated among the largest in the world having 1310 vessels with a capacity of 105.92 million DWT.

Is COSCO a Chinese company?

Cosco is a Chinese shipping company whose full name is China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, but it is simply abbreviated as COSCO Shipping. The company is a Chinese state-owned multinational conglomerate that has its headquarters in Shanghai.

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