Do you want to create a countdown clock on Facebook, to be reminded of events or occasions? Well if you want to then you shouldn’t ignore this article “countdown clock Facebook”.

Countdown Clock Facebook

Today in this article “countdown clock Facebook” you are going to learn how to make or create a countdown clock on Facebook. There are lots of people that have the attitude of forgetting things a lot, this is why the countdown clock was made to make everything easier.

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Countdown Clock Facebook

According to research, some people need a device or machine to remind them of an activity that is about to take place in time. Talking about a device that reminds people about an event or occasion, the countdown clock is one of them.

The countdown clock is a feature on Facebook that posts a clock on your Facebook page with a time counter. It counts until the day of the event before it will stop.

This has helped a lot of people on Facebook and if you know you want to make use of this feature then, you must be a Facebook user. If you know that you are not registered on Facebook, then I will advise you to register on Facebook Well, read below for guidance.

Facebook Create Account 

you can only access the countdown feature on Facebook when you have an account on the Facebook platform. well, if you don’t have an account you will have to sign up for one.

Create a Facebook Account to Make use of the Countdown clock on Facebook

Countdown on Facebook using the steps below.

  • Access your internet or chrome; go to the Facebook site
  • Then click on the link that says “create a new account” at the top of the page.
  • Now you can fill in your names, phone number or email, password, gender, and date of your birth.
  • After that, you can now also click on the sign-up below.
  • You will be sent digits to confirm your Facebook account.
  • Type in the code in the confirmation box and then click on the continue button.

After this, you will successfully create a Facebook account and also register on the platform.

Log in to Facebook to Access the Countdown Clock on Facebook 

To login on to Facebook you must know the processes, and if you don’t know the processes then read the steps below;

  • Go to the Facebook website,
  • Then when the page opens, enter your email or phone number and password.
  • The final step is to hit the login or sign-in button.

Then you will access your Facebook account without any form of stress at all.

Facebook Countdown Clock Setup

Do you want to set up a countdown on your Facebook account and you are worried about how to go about it? you should not bother just sticking to this content and have your problem solved. 

Create Countdown on Facebook 

How do I countdown on Facebook? what steps should I take? If you want to create a Facebook countdown clock or countdown on Facebook and get a countdown free on Facebook, you should follow the steps below are for you;

  • Go to your Facebook account.
  • After that select an event by clicking on one of the tabs at the top of the screen listed under the “Event” heading.
  • Also, type in the name of the event in the middle text box.
  • You must select a time zone for your countdown clock in the “Location” box.
  • Now enter or type in the date and time of your event.
  • Also, select a color for your countdown clock using the “Presets” menu.
  • Then go through the “Wall post review” to check if the countdown clock looks the way you want it.
  • Now select the place you want to post the countdown clock under the “Post to Heading”.
  • After that click on the “Preview and Share Button”.
  • Finally, make sure you add a personalized message for your wall or page and click on the “Share” button.

This is how to create a Facebook countdown clock and get a countdown free on Facebook and access the app to countdown on Faceook. let’s consider the countdown ticker and its usefulness.

 Add countdown Tickers on Facebook 

The countdown tickers have much usefulness which keeps people in a state of using them all the time. some of its users are “countdown to your loved one’s birthday”, “long waiting summer vacation” or a “business launching a new product”. This and many more are what are used for.

How to Add Countdown Tickers on Facebook

Follow the steps below to add countdown tickers to your Facebook page.

  • Make sure your device is connected to a strong internet connection.
  • Use the search bar to search for “timeanddate countdown”.
  • Click on the “countdown app”.
  • Tap on the “go-to app” button and give the app permission when it requests it.
  • fill out the given form with your “text”, “location”, and “date and time” of the even or important location.
  • Enter the “customization” option for the countdown ticker design.
  • you can use the pre-selected theme or you can make your own colours from the background and text element.
  • Tap on the “radio” button where you wish to have the countdown counter post on your Faceook page.
  • Enter the preview and share button.

Those are the right steps to make a countdown ticker on your Facebook page.

Facebook Live Countdown Video

Do you know you can also apply this countdown feature to your live video? You could be engaging in a particular activity in that video. With this, you may need a countdown. From here, you may want to create a live countdown. It’s easy! 

To begin with, there are particular sites that could help you achieve this. In this article, we will be directing you to a site that is right for you. Check it out. 

  • Visit the site on 
  • On the homepage, click on Sign Up and create an account for the platform
  • Scroll through the site, as you find the countdown feature
  • Choose a template of your choice
  • Customize it and follow the steps to create yours
  • Go live

Note: Facebook does not support this feature, so you have to make use of other platforms to create one. 

 Countdown Timer on Facebook Group

This social media platform does not support this live countdown. With this, you have to make use of other sites and platforms that can help you create one. However, you should note that this will appear like a normal link post. 

However, with the “Facebook Live” feature, you are able to create a countdown. And if you also want, you can use other platforms such as the one stated above. All you have to do is get on the platform, get an account by signing up, choose a template, customize, and go live!


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