Cox Register Modem. If you want to register your new modem, this article will indeed be helpful to you. The registration process is very easy and fast. Cox has been providing cable television service to homes and businesses across the U.S.

cox register modem

Even if you need to install a new high-speed Internet connection or upgrade to a digital video recorder, to record your favourite TV shows. Cox provides ADSL services over traditional copper lines as well as voice and data services over the latest fibre technology.

Cox Register Modem

Cox offers you up to four numbers for each account at no charge. Searching for television, internet, or phone service Cox has the right plan for you. Its Cable is a great way to tackle your cable needs.

And it also has the best rate with amazing entertainment options that you would be able to enjoy. If you are interested in these services, you can get it all just by performing the Activation process at

How to Register Your New Cox Equipment

To register for cox equipment, you will need to have the following information ready

  • Your mobile number, service address, or account number.
  • Your Cox PIN or the last four of the account holder’s Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Provide your Primary user ID and password to sign in to your account.
  • To get started visit

Follow onscreen steps to activate your new Cox equipment.

How to Install Cox Modem

A step by step Self-installation guide for Cox:

The self-installation process is determined by your internet package. There is an installation process for Modem and that of Cox gateway. However, this article will be focusing on Modem installation.

Double-checking your Equipment

You need to check the contents of the box before starting the installation process. The kit should come with a modem or Cox Gateway, coaxial cables, a power adapter, an Ethernet cord, a cable filter, and instructions.

Locate the ideal location for your modem

Find the perfect location to install your Modem. You’ll need a central location for the internet signal to travel freely throughout your home.

Shut down all computers and laptops

Turn off the device you plan to use to activate your account to avoid unexpected power surges and other setup oddities.

Connect the coaxial cable to the television

When you find a suitable location, connect the coaxial cable to the wall connection. Then, connect it to the modem’s cable port next.

Switch on the power

Connect the power adapter to the wall, then the modem.

Follow the instructions for your specific equipment – You’ll need to follow different steps depending on whether you chose cable internet with a modem.

Connect your Modem to the Internet

Allow the modem to boot, for It will boot automatically.

Connect the modem to an internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone or computer.

Activate Cox Network

The next thing is to Activate the Cox network. The second section below will guide you on the activation process.

You are to use your phone number, your address, or your account number.

Cox or your last four social security numbers (SSNs)

Then, log in to your account using the account sign-in information.

How to Setup My Cox Wifi?

To setup cox WiFi, do the following;

  • Sign in to your Cox account by visiting the Cox website.
  • On the “My Internet” page, click on the “My Wi-Fi” button
  • Then, move to the “Network Settings” tab.
  • Hit the OK button
  • These elements describe what each network has, including its Network Name (SSID) and Key (Password)

If you don’t save your password and network settings, kindly leave the window.


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