Cox Self Installation lets you install your new Cox Services yourself, anytime, any day. Cox communication company offers a high-speed internet of 100 MBPS, TV services, and digital telephone service. The company is one of the leading internet providers in the US with over 20 million subscribers.

Cox Self Installation

Moreover, as a leading cable and internet provider, lots of US residents rely fully on Cox Communications to connect to the digital world.

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Cox Self Installation

With Cox Internet self-install, you’ll not only spend less but also set up a high-speed internet connection to stream live tv shows, play video games, and surf the internet.

Installing Cox Internet is much easier than ever, with the newly launched Easy Connect self-installation kits. The kits enable the installation of Cox Internet in less than 30 minutes.

The kit comes with everything you need to set up your Internet services by yourself, and it includes all necessary cables, an easy-to-use smartphone app, and a wealth of online tools.

Cox Internet Self-Installation

The internet self-install takes only a few procedures after which you will set up your modem and gateway. Depending on the service you want, you will get either a modem or a Cox gateway to assist with the Cox internet setup.

However, if you go for cable Internet, you’ll get a modem and a Cox gateway when you select other connections.  Before going into the installation process, you will need to set up the internet first.

 How to self-install Cox Internet

First and foremost get the install kit. the kit comes with the Cox Gateway or modem, coaxial cables, a power adapter, an Ethernet cord, a cable filter, and a guide manual.

Next, position your modem. Locate a good location to fix your modem/gateway, to ensure maximum speed when using the internet connection.

Connect the coax and power cable, by connecting one end of the coax cable to a wall plus and the other to the port on the modem. Then, plug in the power cable to your modem and a power outlet.

Choose the next step depending on the connection you choose. (cable modem installation or gateway self-installation)

For cable modem installation

If you choose a cable modem, do the following;

Allow the modem to boot. It will boot automatically.

Then, connect the modem to an internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone or PC.

Lastly, proceed to activate the Cox network.

Cox Gateway self-installation

If you choose gateway self-installation, this is for you; Wait for the Internet and wifi to be ready – The WiFi gateway comes with the modem and router.

So when the Internet and wifi light turn solid, you can then connect any wifi-enabled device to the Internet.

 How to Activate Your Cox Account

To activate the Cox account yourself, follow the guide below;

  • Progress to your preferred browser.
  • Go to
  • Press on the “Next” button
  • Choose your state from the menu. It may also ask you to select your city.
  • Fill in either your phone number (the one used to set up the service) or your work order number.
  • Press the “Next.” Button
  • Click the “Next.” Tab
  • Verify your contact info and make updates if required
  • Tap the box next to “All my equipment is installed at my activation address.”
  • Read the Cox Communication Acceptable Use Policy and press the box next to “I accept.”
  • Pres on the “Activate.” link.
  • The next page will show a progress bar as Cox Communications finalizes your account information and installation.
  • After the activation, tap on the “Register Now” button.

Follow the guide to finish the activation and add any remaining account info.

Self-Install Internet Kit

Every Cox Easy Connect self-installation kit comes with the following:

If any of the tools are missing Kindly contact Cox support or revisit the store to ask for help.


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