Do you have a music band you would want to promote? Well, you can Create A Band Page on Facebook! A Facebook page is capable of taking your band to so many fans out there. Social media platforms, especially powerful ones like Facebook, are able to market and promote your brand to so many people out there.

Through this page, you can also be able to pass information and details of your band to your fans and followers out there. How? Facebook allows its users to create and set up pages for different purposes. It could be for a business, brand, company, band, profession, and more.

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Create A Band Page on Facebook

Once you get this page, you can be able to interact with fans and the large audience out there. You get to provide useful information about your music band to the people. After this, you can also invite friends to like and follow your page, so they automatically get your posts and updates.

You can simply get this page, post status updates about your brand, invite friends to like and follow and start attracting fans and engagement to your music band.

With simple and easy steps, you can set up this band page using your Facebook account. Get on your Facebook account and follow the instructions below.

  • Get to your Facebook account.
  • On your homepage, tap on “Create”.
  • In the list of options, tap on “Page”.
  • Specify the type of page to open. Since it is a band page, click on “Community, Band, or Public Figure”.
  • Set up your band page by adding the name, description, location, cover and profile photos, and other details.
  • Once you are done, Create a Page.

You have created your Facebook band page. You can now post details and information about your music band. Invite friends to like and follow your page, as this will help them automatically get your posts and updates.

Create Facebook Page

Now, you know you are able to Create A Band Page on Facebook for your music band. However, you may begin to ask what this Facebook page is all about. A Facebook page is a medium through which individuals promote and market their businesses, brands, products, or services.

Through this page, you get to attract fans for your products or services. Here, you can pass helpful information and updates about the services that you offer. It just serves as a medium of connection and interaction for you and your fans on Facebook.

Facebook is now a business hub where different people promote different services. With this, they have provided several different ways to help these people. So, it is now possible for people to promote their music band through this Facebook page too.

Facebook Band Page Tips

There is no doubt that everyone wants to reach their desired audience, fans, and customers. This also applies to musicians and artists out there. In this part of my article, I will be listing out the band page tips that could help you run your page on Facebook

Search for Similar Accounts

This part is relevant for new pages. However, it also helps established pages. You should learn from other band pages out there. Look for bands similar to you and know the type of posts that gets their audience triggered up. Whether small or big bands, you can learn from there.

Secure Your Band Name

Once you have gotten a name for this page, you should secure relevant social media handles. Even if you do not need these social media accounts at the moment, it already belongs to you and can be used for your band later on.

Select an Expert URL

Facebook gives page owners the chance to add their website URLs. When adding this URL, always ensure to make it look professional

Profile and Cover Photos

Facebook profile photos and cover photos matter a lot. This helps to attract people to your page. Now, you can also use short video clips for your cover photo space.

Know Your Audience

If you have established your page, then you should know what contents and posts to use on the page. You can also know when your audiences are present. Using the “Insights” option on your page can help you do this.

Mix Your Contents and Posts

It is relevant to post other entertainment content. If you have noticed some high pages do not just post about them. They make posts on other forms of entertainment too.

Facebook Live

Facebook live can be effectively used for band pages too. Stream your live rehearsals, announcements, and other activities about your band. It helps to engage your audience too.

Keep Your Page Updated Regularly

One of the best ways to get engagements from people is by posting to your page regularly.

Create A Band Page on Facebook 2021

Creating and having a brand page on Facebook in 2019 is just one step to make your band popular. There are so many fans out there you could attach to. Do you want your band to reach a large audience? Then you can reach millions of people on Facebook. The ideas above will certainly keep you and your page at the top.


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