Create an AOL email account. AOL mail is simply a free Web-based email service offered by AOL a subsidiary version of part of Verizon communications. America Online (AOL) began with an online service known as PlayNET.

Create an AOL Email Account

This email service was part of the early pioneers of the worldwide Web (www)and also part of the brand recognized on the create a dial-up service, Web portal online, fast messaging platform and then a web browser after being bought by Netscape. America Online offers lots of services including entertainment, finance, lifestyle, mail etc. To enjoy this service you need to create an account

Create an AOL Email Account

AOL mail offers users a personalized mail experience to connect or interact with their friends and loved ones. It enhances your personal messages on smartphones, tablets, computers or other devices with an updated browser. To connect to the people in your life using this platform then you must register for AOL mail.

How to Create an AOL Email Account

The platform has very simple steps of creating or registering for an email account. Follow the steps below to create a successful America Online email account.

  • Go to your device browser
  • Scroll to the search field and Key in
  • Click the enter key and wait for AOL main page to show.
  • On the main page tap on the “log in/join” button
  • Click on the signup tab, it will take you to the page where you will provide your info.
  • On the new page enter the required information and then click on the continue link.
  • Follow the onscreen steps to complete your registration. With the steps above you will be able to create a successful America Online email account.

How to access your AOL Mail Account

Right after registering for this account you would want to access the platform, the procedure below teaches how to access it on the Web or via their mobile app.

Access your mail on the web

  • Open any browser of your choice
  • Browse for to access the abode-page
  • When you get the page, move up to the login/join button on the right side.
  • Provide your America online username, the one you used during registration.

Access mail via app

This section is applicable for Android devices, to get the AOL app on your Android device, take these steps.

  • Download and install the AOL app on your Android device by visiting Google Play.
  • After getting the application, launch the app
  • Scroll to the settings icon
  • Click on the Add a new email account.
  • Select a map and provide the correct email and password.
  • Tap on the “manual set up” widget Choose the IMAP account. Input your AOL email address and password.
  • It shows up as a fresh page, Pres on the next button. Select the frequency of the email and hit the next tab.
  • Give the account a name and type I your display name and finally click on the “Done” button. With this, you will successfully access your email with the mobile application anytime, any day.


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