Create My Avatar on Facebook Free – Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar Maker Update

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What we are here to discuss is Create My Avatar on Facebook Free. With the new avatar feature on Facebook, you won’t be having much boredom on the platform before now. However, you need to create your avatar which is simple and fast to do.

Create My Avatar on Facebook - Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar Maker Update

Creating your avatar on the platform allows you to re-imagine yourself as a cartoon character. And that means you get to add whatever thing you’d like to add such as glasses, scarfs, lashes, and many others.

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Being your avatar, you can customize it as you want. So, if you have been looking for a way to create your avatar, but never had an idea, read on.

Create My Avatar on Facebook Free

As I said earlier, creating an avatar on Facebook is simple and fast to do. Once you create an avatar on Facebook, the platform allows you to share your work with the Facebook community in whatever way you want.

Yes, no jokes and that means you can post it to your status or story and your friends will notice your new avatar. They can also be used as stickers. So, you no longer need to use the stickers that you’re quickly used to.

If you are looking forward to creating your avatar on Facebook, then you’re in the right article. Let’s dive in!!!

Facebook Avatar 2020

Facebook avatar is a new feature that was recently added to the platform for all to use. The feature allows you to make digital or cartoon versions of yourself to use while texting, commenting, etc.

You can also use your avatar as your profile picture on your account. One of the major reasons I love this avatar feature is that you can make look just like you. The choice is actually to make, so you can customize it as you want.

More so, the Facebook avatar comes with plenty of tools to help you create your avatar just as you want. If you have come across cartoon images of users on the platform, then you have seen the avatar feature.

However, have in mind that, the feature is not yet available to everyone and it can only be accessed on smartphones.

Facebook Avatar Maker Free 2020

Facebook avatar maker is the app that you can use for creating your avatar. Avatar is a feature with Facebook, however, it can only be accessed and created using the maker app.

The avatar maker app is free and simple for all. Before using the creating app, make sure you have an account that you can use. Or you can just create one if you don’t any account.

Facebook avatar maker is Facebook itself and you can also use Messenger. That is to say, you don’t need to download a standalone app if you already have a Facebook app.

Facebook Avatar Maker App Download Free

Downloading the Facebook avatar maker app is simple and can be downloaded from the app store of the device you’re using. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

If you have a Facebook app on your device already, make sure it is updated or download by below;

  • Launch the app store and type in Facebook.
  • Tap the first Facebook app that will be shown on the top to load its information page and select “Install”.

Facebook will start downloaded and then immediately will be installed if the downloading process is done.

Facebook Avatar Setup

Setting up a Facebook avatar is simple to do, but make sure your account is logged in. Then follow the steps below;

  • Open Facebook and tap on the hamburger menu.
  • Tap on “See More” as the feature might not be shown.
  • Select avatars.
  • Launch the avatar home and tap on “Next”, then “Get Started”.
  • Select your preferred skin tone, then choose a hairstyle.
  • Customize the face, eyes, body shape, and then select an outfit.
  • You can commence the whole process once you feel your avatar is good to go.

Now, that the avatar is created, you can start using it as you want.

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